Phrases patterns and collocations 1


When you listen to these audios, please take into consideration or keep in mind that we, here, give consideration to or give importance to the people who show consideration for or show respect for learning those concepts which are under consideration for or being thought over for being quite complex for the consideration of or for the opinion of lower levels; and all of this is being done out of consideration or out of respect for your learning these phrases, patterns and collocations.

What should you give consideration to when learning a language?

What kinds of changes should be under consideration in our society today?

What kinds of things should you take into consideration when hiring someone?


They shouldn’t doubt that we have doubts about the reasons they are casting doubts on or creating doubts about global warming. We don’t know why they have raised doubts or created doubts to put simple folk in doubt about something which without doubt or for certain is not only beyond any doubt which means certain but also not open to doubt which means it is certain because the doubts are not reasonable taking all the research into consideration or thinking about the research.

What kinds of things would cast doubt on the guilt of a person who has been accused of a crime?

What kinds of policies have raised doubts about the quality of governance in your region?

Tell us about a person whose words are always beyond any doubt for you.


We all dream of our dreams coming true or becoming a reality and everything working like a dream or going really well in our lives and seeing things happen which are beyond our wildest dreams or beyond our imagination. I have a dream or have a desire that one day I will be able to tell you that the above has become a reality without someone doubting me and telling me ‘in your dreams’ which means that it’s not going to happen.

Talk about an idea of yours that worked like a dream?

Have any of your dreams ever come true?

What would you say to the people who say “in your dreams” to what you plan to do?

Focus (on)

If we focus on things or concentrate on things which should be the main focus of our attentions and efforts, we will keep everything in focus or clear which may become out of focus or unclear like a bad quality camera lens without needing the support of something like a focus group which meets in order to discuss a product before it is launched, or to provide feedback on a political campaign, television series, etc.

What’s the main focus of your attention nowadays?

What can you do to make sure that your goals don’t become out of focus?

What kinds of skills would be useful for you to be a member of a focus group?


I have the impression that or what I understand is that the impression the new kid at school is giving or the effect the new kid at school is having on others is not making or creating the right impression which means not having the right effect on those who are under the impression or think that the first impression is the last impression which means your first opinion about someone is the correct one; perhaps, because the kid has a bad habit of doing impressions of or mimicking others really well and making fun of them.

What’s your take on first impressions being the last impression?

Can you do an impression of anyone famous?

Which current trends have made the biggest impression on you?


Let’s make a mental note or remember to remind anyone who expects people who have a mental illness or have mental health issues to do mental arithmetic or do calculations in their head to give consideration to the mental age of the person in question instead of their age on their passport.

How does your society treat people who have mental health issues or suffer from mental illnesses?

Are you good at mental arithmetic? Is there a point with all this technology nowadays?

Are you good at making mental notes or do you need to jot things down on paper?


When we have to make our minds up or make decisions, we should have or bear in mind that nothing important should slip our mind or we shouldn’t miss anything of importance. Lots of things could cross our mind or come to our mind, so being open or broad minded is better than having a one track mind which means that the thinking is only in one direction which is quite narrow minded or limited. The worst state of mind or thinking is when someone is in two minds or confused about something really important. I would like to bring to mind or ask you to consider that if you have things on your mind meaning you are under stress, it may be helpful to keep in mind or think that you will get through the difficulty only if you are not absent-minded which means not paying attention, and, once through, you will be able to take your mind off these things or stop focusing on these things completely and relax.

How do you feel when you are in two minds about important things?

What do you have on your mind and what do you have in your mind today?

How do you deal with narrow-minded people?


In order to put things into perspective which means to compare with something similar in order to get a better idea, it is essential to look at issues from another person’s perspective or point of view. Seeing things from the perspective or angle of those who are worse off than us, we can fix the issues which arise from looking at things out of perspective or not comparing things properly. In perspective, having a sense of perspective or an understanding of issues in comparison to other problems is essential in order not to lose perspective or a real understanding of things.

Does hearing about the problems people face in some really poor countries put your problems into perspective?

How important is having a sense of perspective in life?

Is it really easy for you to see things from your parents’ perspective?


Having principles or having your own set of rules based on ethics gives you a direction in life, and, when you stand by or stick to your principles or respect them, it gives you the strength of resolve. We all have a set of principles or a list of personal rules some of which can actually be against other people’s principles or other people’s personal rules which cause problems which are often a matter of principle or an issue about respecting or breaking these personal rules for both sides. In principle or as a general idea, people don’t cast aside their principles or break their personal rules if they come between them and others; and actually prefer to break the friendship instead.

How important is having your principles and sticking to them?

Tell us about the set of principles a person you know lives by.

What kinds of things are against your principle?


If someone has a habit of always asking awkward or uncomfortable questions, this would beg the question or make us think what the person is trying to achieve by raising questions or causing doubt at times when an issue is beyond question or it is certain. When there is some question over or doubt about an issue in question or an issue which is being looked at, they could ask a question without question or certainly; otherwise, doing it should be out of the question or impossible.

What kinds of things are out of the question for you?

What kind of behavior can raise questions about someone’s sanity?

Would you do business with someone if there was some question over their honesty?


If we sense or realise that a person doesn’t see sense or doesn’t see any logic in concepts that make complete sense or seem logical to us, we should have the sense or intelligence to use common sense or logic and try to make sense of or understand the reasons behind this. In a sense or speaking from a particular point of view, having this particular sense or ability could help us keep our sense of perspective or ability to compare things sharp.

How do you make sense of all the bad stuff that goes on in this world?

What can help make someone come to their senses if they have gone astray in life?

Do you see sense in the direction the world is taking?


Many family members side with or support their flesh and blood in arguments. Taking sides or supporting one person in an argument should only happen once we have seen both sides of the argument. Standing by someone’s side or supporting them if they are wrong could encourage them to keep doing it. Not standing on either side or supporting them is always an option too. On the plus side or the positive side, if you side with your family members or support them, it shows a form of loyalty but perhaps not too ethical if they are wrong. Let’s look on the bright side or the positive side and say that perhaps loyalty is more important than ethics at times when it comes to your own.

How difficult is it for kids to side with one parent or the other during divorce?

What are the pros and cons of looking at the bright side of life?

What does it take for you to take someone’s side?


I will some straight to the point or I will not waste any time and tell you that setting or putting the record straight or clarifying your innocence if you have been accused is very important. If you don’t set or put people straight about or make people understand what has happened and help them think or see straight, they will assume the worst about you. Straight talking and straight answers can help get it all straight or clarify things.

Do you like people coming straight to the point?

Why is it important to set the record straight?

Do you have to put or set anyone straight about anything at the moment?


From my point of view or in my opinion, the viewpoints or opinions prevalent in society about technology are quite self-centered. In view of or considering all the harms we are doing to the planet and with a view to or with the intention of raising questions about our dependence on technology, I have taken this dim or poor view of or formed a negative opinion about this particular issue. I view this as more and more of a problem whenever smog or other forms of pollution come into view; however, most people’s view on this issue is OK in their words but the opposite in their actions.

Do you take the view that technology is really dangerous taking into consideration our collective history of mutual destruction?

What would you say with a view to convincing someone about your view on technology?

What kinds of things do you take a dim or poor view of in modern society?

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