What are you out of in the kitchen that you have to buy soon?

When was the last time you were down with the flu?

Are there a lot of good films on at the moment in the cinemas?

How long would you wait for a friend at their house if they were out when you went to see them?

When was the last time you were away for a month?

What time are you normally up in the mornings?

Would you ask a suspicious person hanging around your area what he/she was up to?

What were you up to last weekend?


What time did the last party you went to finally broke up?

Have you ever been in a car that broke down?

What kinds of things do burglars break in to steal?

What are some common reasons a person breaks up with their partner?

What would you do if you saw fighting break out unexpectedly and people get injured?


How difficult is it to bring up children as a single parent?

What kinds of topics are unwise to bring up in front of your colleagues?

Has anyone ever brought back a gift that you gave them?

If someone fainted in the heat, how would you bring them round?

What kinds of books do you want publishers to bring out more of?


What is the most common reason why people call in sick at work?

When was the last time you called on a relative when you were visiting their city?

Why are matches/meetings called off?

Which terrible social situation calls for urgent action?

Is there a metro that calls at the station closest to your house?


When was the last time you carried on with an important discussion at another time because you had to leave in the middle of it?

Have you ever carried out any research?

When was the last time you got carried away while you were eating and ate too much?


I’ve come into quite a lot of money recently, so how would you advise me to invest it?

What kinds of problems would a company come up against when finding the right person for a job?

If you come across old school friends when you are out and about, do you stop to talk to them?

Don’t you think it’s about time we came up with a possible solution to the environmental problem?

If a button came off your coat, who would sew it back for you?

Which relative do you want to come round and see you more often?


What do you need to cut down on in order to improve your health?

Did you use to cut articles out of newspapers for school projects?

How would you feel if someone rudely cut you off mid-sentence?

How many portions would you cut up your birthday cake into?


Are you so tired right now that you could do with a long rest?

How would you do up your room if you had the choice?

At what age did you learn to do up your shoelaces?

How long would you be able to do without your favourite food?


Why do really good friends sometimes fall out?

Talk about a plan of yours which fell through.

Do you know someone who fell for their spouse the very first time they set their eyes on them?

When was the last time you saw someone slip and fall over?


What is the best way to get your point across to others?

What would you do if you couldn’t get on with your flatmate/classmate?

Have you ever dropped something in a place which made it really difficult to get at it?

Why does society allow influential people to get away with serious crimes?

How difficult is it to get by when you are on the dole?

What kinds of things get you down?

Do you need to get down to doing some important work because you have been unable to do it until now?

How can you get over a break up?

Talk about the last time you kept trying to get through to someone but it was impossible?


Which activity should you give up in order to have more time to spend with your loved ones?

How can we learn to stop giving away our emotions?

Have you ever helped your teacher give out materials at school?

Does someone have to give you back anything?


What do you think of people who go on working without eating and drinking until they have finished their work?

How do you think a bomb disposal squad feels when they successfully prevent a bomb from going off?

Talk about someone you know who has gone through a lot in life?

How long does it take for milk to go off?

Why would someone decide to leave their partner after going out with them for years?

When was the last time you found yourself saying: “Stop quarreling! What is going on here?”?

Why should you go over your compositions carefully before handing them in?

Have you ever gone down with food poisoning and had to be taken to hospital?


What do you think of streakers who have nothing on when they run across a pitch?

If you lent your best friend some money, are you sure that you would have it back in time?

How often do you have your friends round for a meal?


Is it still common for bank to be held up nowadays?

When was the last time someone told you to hold on when you were on the phone with them?

Have you ever been held up because of an accident?

Why is it important to hold on to something if you are on a bus and have to stand during the journey?


How can you motivate someone to keep trying if they haven’t succeeded in their plans yet?

What kinds of things do you need to keep away from in order to be happy?

Could you keep up with your best friend in a race?

What are some ways to keep out trespassers?


At what age should they let you in bars?

How do you deal with people who let you down?


Who would look after your pet if you were to go on holiday?

Are you good at looking up information in English?

Talk about something you have lost and haven’t been able to find even though you have looked for it everywhere.

How should you handle snobby people who look down on others?

What the most serious local problem you want the local authorities to look into?

Who has got such a charming personality that you have always looked up to them?

When was the last time you caught yourself saying: “Look out! There’s a car coming!”?

What are you really looking forward to at the moment?


Can you make out the numbers of a speeding car at night?

In court, what should happen to a witness that admitted that they had made the story up?

Does a large bonus payment someone received really make up for the loss of his/her job?

In which restaurant do they make out really high bills?

What should happen to a parent that made off with their children’s money?.


How do you console someone whose loved one has passed away?

Have you ever been hit on the head and passed out?

Do you pass the really fun books you have read on to a friend or relative to enjoy?


Have you ever had any teeth pulled out at the dentist’s?

Which building in your area do you want them to pull down because it is falling apart?

If you saw van pull up outside the front door of a bank and three men in black came out looking suspicious, what would you do?


When was the last time you put off a meeting/appointment?

Would you be kind enough to put a friend up if they found themselves homeless?

When was the last time you called an office and asked them to put you through to another Department?

How long would you be able to put up with a really difficult boss?

Do you ever wash and someone helps you put the dishes away?

What are some ways to put a fire out?


When was the last time you ran into a relative when out shopping?

Why would a car run into the back of another vehicle?

If you ran out of butter, would you use margarine instead?

Why do people get run over by cars?

If an average dog was running after a rabbit, what would be its chances of catching it?


Do you have anything put aside that you have to see to later?

When was the last time you went to the airport to see someone off?

Are you good at seeing through people?


What kinds of things do you do before setting off on a trip?

How can you set out your ideas clearly in your essay?

Where would you set up your camp if you were trekking through the wilderness?


Are you a type of person who wouldn’t stand for any nonsense from their children?

Did you use to have to stand up when your teacher entered the classroom?

Would you be able to stand in for your boss, who had suddenly felt ill?

Which friend of yours will stand by you if you are in trouble?

If someone tried to attack you, would you stand up to them bravely?


Can you imagine taking a year off to travel around the world?

Who do you take after?

Which sport is the best to take up to improve your fitness?

Is there anything taking up too much space in your house that you want to get rid of?

Would you be able to do it if you had to take over the responsibilities of running a company?

Why do some courses give so many facts and figures that students just can’t take them all in?

What is something you took to doing as soon as you tried it?

Can you take the legs of your table off to make it easy to move around?


Would you lose your chance of getting the job if you turned up twenty minutes late for the interview?

Why are fairy stories full of frogs turning into princes and poor working girls becoming princesses?

Is it fair for someone to be turned down for a job because he/she didn’t have sufficient experience?

How often is it cloudy and cold in the mornings here but the afternoon turns out to be fine?

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