Break the Wall

Students need an environment to activate their passive knowledge learnt in class. We want to give them as many opportunities as possible to use their English in ways not available to them outside of the classroom: This will be achieved through diverse and engaging activities.

There is a need to make the use of other languages in our society seem natural to the users and others overhearing them. In order to achieve this goal, positive peer pressure and the bandwagon mentality will be used to gain an advantage. The choice of members is going to have a productive domino effect if done correctly.

A strict rule of NO L1 during club time is established with the consent of the kids, parents and teachers/facilitators. The use of passing the knowledge around with empathy in mind will be encouraged.

The followings are at the core of this initiative:

  • Promoting values including unity, faith, discipline, respect and responsibility. We will also add the values of empathy and integrity.
  • Improving members´ language skills by exposure to materials and activities that help form a balanced user of the knowledge in the given area.
  • Improving children´s health through awareness of nutrition and exercise. Improve family relationships by involving the parents too.

The optimum outcome is obtained only with a successful triangular collaboration between the entity, learner and the learner´s family. Communication as equals in this program is essential from the onset.

This mission statement of ours is the beginning of our contribution as an institute to this endeavour and society at large.