Common Errors 6

Problem Solution
Take class Have a class


Stop working


Stop to work

The same action: I stopped smoking in 2005.


2 actions: I have to stop to go to the toilet.


Fuel (p)


Fuel tank

Petrol tank


, il (p)



Council, lentils, pencil, Denzil


To be sacked

To be fired

To be kicked out of work

To be laid off

To be let go

To be made redundant


Gain + collocation


Experience, respect, an advantage, a position, weight, speed, muscle


Earn money by working

Earn respect by making an effort


Win the lottery

Win a match

To or no To  

Let me go

Make me go

Help me go

Help me to go

Allow me to go

Want me to go


Commute: journey to and fro work


They made redundant many people


They made many people redundant


Sector automotivo:                                              Car manufacturing sector


focus in:                                                                They should focus on their job.


Roughly, around, about, approximately: one year ago

Two employees started to argue with each other. The argument turned into a fight, and both of them got sacked.

Discuss: good (debatir)

Argue: bad (discutir)

Your boss sacked both of them

They got sacked.

Do or Make  

Make an effort

Do the work/job


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