Common Errors 1

Problem Solution
´s with the plurals: after the S´




One school´s problems

Two schools´ problems


The last/next year




Calendar: week, month, year, century



See you next week!


Bossy E


sam   same         stammer

let      complete   letter

tim     time          trimmer

ton     tone

tun     tune


Says, said



Wi men

sed, sez:      ei       e

These things only do that you trust them.



These things only make you trust them: Esto hace que tu ……

This makes me work hard.


I am going to make him finish his food: obligar

I have gone to vs. I have been to

we are in Bilbao, but Maria has gone to Canada. (Still there)

Maria has been to Canada. (Back from there)


Debt and doubt


the B is out of doubt.


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