B2 Essay: Careers

CAREERS What are the best careers to do? (we don´t do careers. If you mean carrerra de studios, it means course […]

B2 Essay: Bitcoins

BITCOINS.   Bitcoins are a kind of currency used in (on the Internet) internet. It was created in nineteen eighty, (comma needed […]

B2 Essay: Team-work

Teamworking. (The heading should be Team Work)   Maybe, almost all of us must work with other people. It is […]

B2 essay: Unemployment

  1.2 the unemployment. Unemployment (without the article.) He have already shown how much(how important, how nice, how big, how […]

Question Answers

C 1: What are the benefits of offering a prompt service to your clients? If you offer a prompt service […]


Email   Hi Jack,   How are you? I’m so excited for about you coming. I think that maybe do […]