B2 Essay: Clothes and Weather

Clothes and weather.  The summer is has almost arrived. The passive construction is not possible with intransitive verbs. Madrid is a city with extreme weather. In the winter, we have

B2 Essay: Careers

CAREERS What are the best careers to do? (we don´t do careers. If you mean carrerra de studios, it means course in English. If you mean carrerra de trabajo, it means

B2 Essay: Bitcoins

BITCOINS.   Bitcoins are a kind of currency used in (on the Internet) internet. It was created in nineteen eighty, (comma needed with the conjunction to join to complete sentences together. Only

B2 Informal letter

Hi Peter! I am so glad for your coming in to Madrid (we use the preposition “to” with the verbs of movement). As you say said in your last email,

B2 level composition

Picking up the texts again!   Hi, Kam! Long time no see. I have almost repaired my personal computer but I need to download the Word program in order to

Common Errors 17

Let vs. Leave   Let me study: dejame hacer algo   Leave this exercise for last: dejar algo para luego Leave this room: dejar un sitio Leave me alone  

B2 Essay: A voyager by the ISS

A voyager by the ISS   Last week we spoke about such how interesting the universe is. If we understood how our galaxy and planet works ,we would respect our

Common Errors 16

Problem Solution Hablando de   Functional language (various topics) Talking about Regarding   https://www.englishclub.com/speaking/agreeing-disagreeing-expressions.htm   Common words with prepositions   refer to compare to relate to link to similar to

Common Errors 15

Problem Solution daño harm Infinitive of purpose I am here to study English. I am here for an English class.   This room is used for learning.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPmjYD6Qi5I  

Common Errors 14

Financiera   Help someone in a task Support a family (financially)   Assist the kids with their homework   It’s usual of you to do this     It’s typical

Common Errors 13

Let vs. Leave   Let me study: dejame hacer algo   Leave this exercise for last: dejar algo para luego Leave this room: dejar un sitio Leave me alone  

B2 Story: Our Holiday

We spent two days in La Fortuna town. On The last night there, Irene and I went out to take have (we use have to refer to eating and drinking. In

B2 Essay: Team-work

Teamworking. (The heading should be Team Work)   Maybe, almost all of us must work with other people. It is not very usual to find people who work alone all

B2 Report: The Communities

THE COMMUNITIES 1. A definition of Communitie(the singular is community with a y, and the plural is communities. This is due to the spelling rule that changes the y which

B2 essay: Unemployment

  1.2 the unemployment. Unemployment (without the article.) He have already shown how much(how important, how nice, how big, how long: we have how + adjctive to speak about the

B2 Essay: Unsual Houses

Unsual Houses. Your home is probably the most important place in your life. On the other hand, the place where you work is very important too. People usually live in

Common Errors 12

  Usuarios   Users   Estar metido en muchos temas     Have your fingers in lots of pies   Desvelar Muchisimas Corrientes de agua El compromiso   Unveil myriad

Common Errors 11

  Desarollar   Why can´t the embryo develop?   Para que   They are using this method so that the ravens leave the area.   Parodia   Parody    

Common Errors 10

A new A piece of news A piece of advice A piece of furniture   In the radio   On TV/the radio/the phone/the Internet   Espiar   It can spy

Common Errors 9

Trabajo social   Social work   Una persona y dos personas   One person and two people   At vs. in   At the end of this article: time and

Common Errors 8

Todo el dia vs. Todos los dias   All day vs. Every day   Colega del trabajo   Colleagues, workmates, co-worker   Criticar   Criticise   desempleado   When was

Common Errors 7

Pleasant vs. Grateful Is your work pleasant? agradable Are you grateful for your work? agradecido Mas y mas Why is the care the doctors give poorer and poorer as time

Question Answers

C 1: What are the benefits of offering a prompt service to your clients? If you offer a prompt service to your clients, they could recommend your service to other

Common Errors 6

Problem Solution Take class Have a class   Stop working   Stop to work The same action: I stopped smoking in 2005.   2 actions: I have to stop to

Common Errors 5

Problem Solution Dia libre What do you do on your days off from work? Dar paseo How often do you go for a walk? Solia vs. costumbres https://agendaweb.org/verbs/to-be-used-to.html limpiar When

Common Errors 4

Problem Solution Trust in Why is trust essential? How many wealth….. How much wealth would be enough for you? PIB GDP A good GDP is a sign of wealth. The

Common Errors 3

Problem Solution I deny this offer. Deny: he denied stealing the car. negar He was denied food for 2 days. privar Refuse: say you don´t want to do something: negarse

Common Errors 2

Problem Solution ee iiiiiii Commercial centres Shopping centres Picked up Pickt/ up Pick /dup     Lastimarse/lesionarse     Get injured/hurt When I was child   When I was a

Common Errors 1

Problem Solution ´s with the plurals: after the S´       One school´s problems Two schools´ problems   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LwamFnWGVA&t=249s   The last/next year       Calendar: week, month,

Esaay: Team Work: B1/B2

TEAM WORK   Nowadays, schools and colleges have changed their methods of education and try to promote new types of work. This type of work is teamwork. First of all,


Email   Hi Jack,   How are you? I’m so excited for about you coming. I think that maybe do you would like to know some important things about my