Voice Notes: Sara 27 06 2020

Notes Progress  B1 U12 F G Homework Listenaminute.com M Concept   With someone (1)   One of the partners keeps the house after a divorce   A split up couple

Verb + ing or ing: Conversation

Verbs Followed by the Gerund   Verb/Definition/Question   Abhor/Hate   to hate   What do you abhor having to do at work?     acknowledge   to recognize what someone

Do vs. Make: The Solution!

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DO AND MAKE? Let’s use Do and Make in a dialogue. I will ask you questions and you can pause the video and answer them by speaking or

B1/B2 Notes 22 12 19

How long vs How many times Cuanto tiempo vs Cuantas veces Went home: alli Came home: aqui Home Come back: aqui/here: bring Go back: alli/here: take Establish your location Where