B2 Informal Letter: Getting back in touch after a long time

Hey, Kam,

how long no seen! Long time, no see! (this is the proper expression.) Did you believe I were had (habia desaperecido
no fue desaperecido.) 
disappeared? If so, I wasn’t you weren´t (who was thinking: Me or you?) completely wrong. I have been traveling for almost four weeks and I just have recuperated my Internet conection connection (simple spelling mistake.). All in all, I want to start those texts (transitive verb + direct object + adverb) again those texts, which are very useful for me.

First of all, I must say to you that I have started learning English in a new academy in Madrid. Irene has started too, and we think it is an excellent academy. I would like to pass the First Certificate Exam the (no article is needed) next year. The tutor has said to us that our level could be good enough if we listen and read in English a lot. We have some (Order of adjectives: quality before
origin.) good
English good books, specifically written for students who want to improve their skill. What it is more, next week we will have BBC and CNN channels in on our television. I don’t know if we will pass this exam, but we´ll try it.

I can´t remember if I said to you that I passed the exam that I made sat/did (you sit or do exams; not make exams.) in the UNED. I got the B2 level but it didn´t mind me matter at all; the exam was too easy and it didn’t demonstrate the level of the students.

It doesn´t matter. (the pronoun”it” doesn´t go with “mind”) I don´t mind. I don´t care.

Our first subject in the academy´s book is called “lifestyle”. Maybe I have written you text related to my lifestyle in Madrid, but it
is too boring for a large text. Of course I have another interesting subject in our book but now I prefer to(prefer + complete infinitive/gerund) write about my holidays.

I went on holidays on September first. This year I have been traveling around Costa Rica and that has been a good idea. The first destination we thought of was Indonesia because we read that, there, you can find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The problem of traveling to Indonesia was that we didn’t have the treatment against Malaria. Those pills, in some Spanish cities, are very expensive also. The bad thing of about traveling to Costa Rica on in September was that, indeed, as we had read, it was
the most rainy month of the year. Costa Rica has tropical climate, hot and wet, but it always starts raining in the evening, when people are having dinner.

The first problem we had was the ESTA document. This document is necessary for many people who live in countries that don’t need visa for entering to USA. Spain is one of those country countries but it doesn’t meant mean (doesn´t is the present simple. Mean is present simple. Meant is the participle.) that Spanish people can enter freely. We need a document advising to (advise + person. No preposition in the middle.) the American police that you will go to USA. You must to (must + bare infinitive.) write down all your personal dates details like name, surname, birthdate, birth country etc. On the other hand, you must warm warn (warm: calienteproperly if you have been living in a country with a serious disease like Ebola. This is an important document, and if you lay lie (lay: tumbar), you could have legal problems.

Irene and I knew that if you want to stay at in (we never use “at” with countries, cities and villages etc. We use at with streets, home and buildings etc.) USA for a long time, you had to have the ESTA document. The question that we didn’t know was that if you travel to USA only for taking to take (purpose of a person´s actions is expressed by “to” + “verb”) another plane in the
airport, with another destination, you had to get the ESTA document too. I realized of that question the day before traveling and I had to urgently send , urgently, an email to USA embassy, attaching the answers of my personal dates.

We arrived in Costa Rica after a long and boring travel journey. We had to change the airplane in Miami but we didn’t have (adjective + enough/ enough + noun. The word order changes.) enough time enough to visit the city. Finally we arrived in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica.

As we had read, San Jose was a an ugly city, crowed crowded, dirty and noisy. It only has one interesting avenue, where you can find the cooler coolest shops in the country. In San Jose, people don’t wear expensive clothes; butthere were some of that
those kinds of shops. We spend spent our first day in San Jose organizing the trip. Costa Rica has many natural parks, and you should have a good map and timetables if you want to visit them safely. The City Hall of San Jose has many tourist offices.
In one of those offices, situated in downtown, we met a friendly tourist guide. He loved trekking, climbling climbing, snorkeling and watching bird in the rainforest. He gave us many a lot of interesting information that we used every time. If we had not had that information, our travel wouldn´t have been so much interesting and active. 
The second day, we woke up early and took a bus to La Fortuna town. La Fortuna has an interesting history that it should be told. That town is situated near Poas volcano, which was inactive since XV century. Suddenly, without advising warning, the volcano started burning erupting. Many burned rock rocks were throw thrown away and many much/a lot of magma appeared in direction to the close nearby towns. Many people dead died but, incredibly, no one burned rock was throw away landed near La Fortuna. When the volcano switch off itself stopped, La Fortuna was untouched. Since that day, La Fortuna took this name.

In la Fortuna, we booked a cheap hotel room which had beautiful views to the Poas volcano. Due to the cloud, it was really difficult to see the top of the mountain, so we decided to make a trek to visit it. To be honest, the volcano can´t be visited because of security reason. The only trek you can enjoy is to go to Cerro Chato mountain. There you can have beautiful views of Poas as well as La Fortuna. The trek wasn’t difficult but, in the evening, an incredibly incredible rain started. We had good mountain mountaineering clothes but we found out wet some stuff wet into our backs backpacks (please, look at the word order. This sentence is too confusing.).

is a brilliant effort. For the FCE, you have to practice many different types
of writing tasks.
(essays, short stories, reviews, reports, letters of complaint, letters of application, etc..)

We will consider this an informal letter. Could you please, start going through these writing tasks?

We will tick the ones you complete well.

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