B2 C1 Notes 11 12 19

1: We didn’t use to change easily.

2: We got used to changing more easily.

3: Now, we are used to chainging more easily.

I used to this weather. To work/to sleep

I am getting used to this weather/living in this weather

I am used to this weather/living in this weather.

I look forward to seeing you.

I look forward to your answer.

To: preposition/part of the infinitive

Preps + Ving

Ritmo de la vida: the pace of life (the rhythm of life)
Improper content
Las cosas bonitos que he vivido en mi vida

The beautiful things that I have experienced in my life.

The horrible things that I have experienced/been through in my life. (go through)

You are here (in order) to learn English.

You are here for an English class.

Thread is used for sewing

String is used to tie things

Do a sculpture or Make/Create/Manufacture/Construct/Cook
Grow                      vs.    Grow up

Size only                         size and maturity

Another things

An apple

An orange

An egg

Another  thing         Other things

The others are here

Irregular spelling:

Was not

Has not

Will not






All kind of trouble

All kinds of problems

All kind of a problem

Turn it off.

Turn the computer off.

Turn off the computer.

Turn off it

If you haven’t backed up your files, ………..
A photograph: photographs



Reform: criminal/system

Renovate: houses




A piece of

Two pieces of

I ask you question. you answer.

I have made/formed/written lots of Qs for my student

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