Week Starting 24 02 2020

If you want to sound natural in any language, you have to use it in its proper way. Many times, we bring our L1 logic to the language we are learning, causing a lot of confusion for ourselves and others who are listening to us.

Let’s have a look at how a sentence work in English so that you can communicate more easily and understand others without suffering and struggling too much. Specific information comes at set points in a sentence. Knowing this would help you anticipate things prperly.

Watch these videos below and make the necessary changes to the way you form ideas in your head when writing and speaking or even when trying to understand written and spoken English.

You can do these exercises to work on your sentence building and word order in a sentence:


Here’s another video focusing on 4 sentence types in English. There are a couple of quizzes after the video, so, please, take notes while watching.

Here are a couple of quizzes to test what you have learned in this video:



What makes some people learn more quickly than others? Here’s video looking at this in detail. Hopefully, this video below will help you with not only the changes you need to make for this lesson but also for other aspects of your life:

What points does the speaker make?

How is this information going to help you?

Songs of the week

Here’s to the rebel in all of us:

How is the word EDUCATION pronounced?

Joke of the week: It’s a jungle out there.


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