Week Starting 17 02 2020

How much does English pronunciation frustrate you?

Let’s try to understand the root of the problem!

How does this knowledge affect your attitude towards English pronunciation?

Let’s have a look at some English Pronunciation in Action!

Please, watch the video a few times noting down the rules you understand.

How many rules have you been able to identify?

It’s time now to enjoy the beauty of the language put together in it’s most entertaining form for some. Focus on the way the words are linked together by the singer to add intonation and word stress and sing along.

What do you like about this song?

Moving on now to the way we use word play in English. watch this video in which some jokes are explained by Alex from ENGVID.

How many new words have you learned?

Which one is your favourite?

Here’s another joke explained.


calendar, perk, girl, work, turn

ar, er, ir, or, ur = the same sound

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