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English and Spanish “False Friends”

False Friends – we all know how confusing these can be! False Friends are words that sound very similar in your mother tongue but unfortunately mean something totally different in the other language. Watch out, in English, there are plenty of these tricky words.

Have a look at this list and see which ones you are already familiar with and which ones are still difficult.

Spanish Word
(English Translation)
Similar English Word
(Spanish Translation)
actual (current, present-day) actual (real, efectivo)
americano (person from North or
South America)
american (estadounidense)
aprension (fear) apprehension (comprensión)
asistir (to attend, be present at or assist) assist (ayudar)
atender (to pay attention) attend (asistir)
balde (bucket) bald (clavo)
basamento (base of a clumn) basement ( sótano)
bigote (moustache) bigot ( intolerante, prejuicio)
billón ((US) trillion, (UK) billion) billion (mil millones)
bizarro (dashing, brave, gallant) bizarre (extraño)
boda (wedding) body (cuerpo)
bombero (firefighter) bomber (bombardero)
campo (countryside) camp (campamento)
carpeta (folder) carpet (alfombra)
chocar (strike,collide) choke (ahogar)
casualidad (coincidence, chance) casualty (victima)
cita (appointment) city (ciudad)
codo (elbow) code (codígo)
colegio (high school) college (universidad)
complexión (physical constitution) complexion (tez)
constipación (cold) constipation (estreñimiento)
constipado (a cold) constipated (estreñido)
contestar (to answer) contest (concurso)
corresponder (to correspond to) correspond with (escribir)
corrientemente (Simply,without
difficulty or contradiction)
currently (actualmente)
delito (crime) delight (delicia, deleite)
desgracia (mistake, misfortune) disgrace (vergüenza)
disgusto (annoyance, worry) disgust (asco, repugnancia)
decepción (disappointment) deseption (engaño)
despertar (to awake) desperate (desesperado)
destituido (fired, deprived) destitute (indigente)
dormitorio (bedroom) dormitory (residencia, universitaria)
embarazada (pregnant) embarrassed (avergonzada)
empresa (business enterprise, company) empress (emperatríz)
enviar (to send) envy (envidiar)
estrechar (to narrow, bring closer together) stretch (estirar, alargar)
estimado (appreciated) estimate (estimación, presupuesto)
éxito (success, hit) exit (salida)
F / G / I F / G / I
fábrica (factory) fabric (tela)
fútil (insignificant) futile (inútil)
ganga (bargain) gang (pandilla)
grosería (coarseness, rudeness) grocery (abarrotería, tienda de comestibles)
introducir (insert) introduce (presentar)
largo (long) large (grande)
lectura (reading) lecture (conferencia)
librería (bookstore) library (biblioteca)
M / N / O M / N / O
mantel (tablecloth) mantel (manto, mesilla)
molestar (bother) molest (abusar, sexualmente)
nudo (knot) nude (desnudo)
once (eleven) once (una vez)
parada (stop, bus-stop) parade (desfile)
pariente (relative) parent (padre)
planta (edificio) plant (fábrica)
pie (foot) pie (pastel)
pretender (to attempt, to woo) pretend (fingir)
preocupado (worried) preoccupied (distraído)
rapista (barber) rapist (violador)
realizar (perform) realize (darse cuenta)
recordar (to remember, to remind) record (grabar)
ropa (clothes) rope (cuerda)
sano (healthy) sane (cuerdo)
sensible (sensetive) sensible (sensato)
sopa (soup) soap (jabón)
soportar (tolerate, put up with) support (apoyar)
suceso (event) success (éxito)
T / U / V T / U / V
tuna (prickly pear) tuna (atún)
últimamente (recently) ultimately (al final)
vaso (drinking glass) vase (jarrón, florero)

How would you feel if you were the person singing this song?

How do you know if someone is real or fake?

What would you do after realising that someone is a fake friend?

Should you let them know?

Here’s a hilarious look at when thinking someone is real or fake could be the difference between life and death:

Would you be able to empathise with Vinny?

This clip makes me think of an idiom, “Jump the gun.”

Have you ever jumped the gun?

Why is it a bad idea to jump the gun?

We should appreciate out real friends and be careful of the fake ones.

Why should we never take things for granted?

Why do people take things for granted?

What are the harms/consequences of taking things for granted?

How has this video made you feel?

How do you stay positive and keep yourself going forward?

Keep your head up and never look down on anyone!

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