Voice Notes: Irene 30 06 2020









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If I would

If I will



Change your house


Attend to someone’s needs


The unhappiness (specific)


Kids drive their parents crazy don’t listen to them.


Drive your point home


Feel good




Go through


Confidence (ability)




The support I had asked


It is important for me (benefits)


Temporary lay off


Think of

Think about







If I do

If I did

If I had done


Change houses


Pay attention


Unhappiness (general)


Kids drive their parents crazy by not listening to them.


No pueden rebatir lo


Feel well






Trust (secrets, loyalty etc)


Hand in


The support I had asked for


It is important to me (feelings)









Species vs.Spaces vs. Spices





Nature vs.






Questions for revision


1 a: What kinds of things can drive someone to leave their family?

1 b: How do kids drive their parents crazy when they are all on holiday together?

1 c: How do you feel when a journalist drives their point home so well that the politician they are with doesn’t know what to say?

2 a: How relieved would you be to head towards a small town you could see in the distance if you had been lost for days?

2 b: What would you do if you have been appointed to head the committee responsible for promoting local tourism?

2 c: Which places would you say head the list of most popular tourist destinations in the world?

3 a: What kinds of conclusions have you come to about life?

3 b: How did you come to lose the last thing you lost?

3 c: What kind of things in society have come as a bit of a shock to you recently?

4 a: Why is it important to keep a steady pace when we are working on something?

4 b: What are the signs of a steady relationship in which you can’t imagine a couple splitting up?

4 c: How does it make kids feel when parents give them a steady look and make them think that they know what they have been up to?

5 a: Why don’t people make a point of inviting their elderly neighbours/relatives to join them for meals on special occasions?

5 b: Would it be a sore point with you if we were to discuss your failures in life?

5 c: Would your parents consider it beside the point if you came home late because you had to help a friend?

6 a: How does one feel when they turn 50?

6 b: In which countries do the police turn their gun on people and tell them to lie down on the floor on the slightest of suspicion?

6 c: What would you do if you turned to say something very important to a friend but they had already left forgetting to take their mobile with them?

7 a: Why is it a must that we follow our doctor’s advice?

7 b: Why do most people follow suit when celebrities start a trend?

7 c: Do you have a friend whose arguments you always follow to the final point without understanding where their conclusions have come from?

8 a: What would you do if you were running a campaign to stop the authorities from building a new motorway near your house?

8 b: What advantages do vehicles that run on electricity have over those that run on petrol?

8 c: How can we avoid running into problems in general while learning to deal with them when they arise?


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