Video Content of the Week: 25 07 2020!

1: Reasons for learning foreign languages

2: The secrets to learning languages

3: How to speak so that people listen to you

4: How to listen better

How many languages can you speak?

What are the benefits of learning foreign languages?

Did you find any of your ideas in this video?

Can you put the benefits mentioned in this video in the order of importance for you?

What are the best ways to learn a language?

Do you use any of these methods?

Which methods are practical and impractical for your lifestyle?

After learning a language, how can you make people want to listen to you?

Why does this video have over 28 million views?

What would you like to do differently after watching this video?

How important is listening carefully to others ?

What are some ways of listening better?

What is the most useful piece of information you have learnt in this video?

Which of these stratgies do you already use?

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