Verbs Followed by the Gerund  
Abhor/Hate   to hate  
What do you abhor having to do at work?    
acknowledge   to recognize what someone has done  
Do you acknowledge making mistakes quickly?    
admit   to say that you have done something  
Is it easy for you to admit (to) making a mistake?    
advise   to give advice  
What does the doctor advise doing if you have a fever?    
allow   to permit  
Why don’t they allow smoking in public places?  
anticipate   to expect to happen  
Are there any changes you anticipate happening in society in the near future?    
appreciate   to be grateful for  
Do your friends appreciate you helping them out?  
avoid   to try not to do/try not to come into contact with  
What kinds of things do you avoid eating for the sake of your health?    
be worth   to be a good idea to spend the time on  
What kinds of activities are worth spending your free time on?    
can’t help   to be able to not do  
How would you deal with someone who can’t help complaining about everything all the time?    
celebrate   to party about  
How would you celebrate being together with your partner for over 50 years?    
confess   to admit that you did  
How would you get someone to confess stealing something?    
consider   to think about  
What do you normally consider doing at the weekends?    
defend   to give reasons why you did  
How would you defend spending the last big amount that you have spent?    
delay   to postpone, put off  
Why shouldn’t we delay doing something important?    
detest   to hate, despise, abhor  
What kinds of things would you detest doing at work?    
discontinue   to stop doing, to stop providing  
Would you carry on shopping at a big store which discontinued providing customer service?  
discuss   to talk about  
Who would you discuss doing something life-changing with?    
dislike   to not like  
Why do people dislike having to work hard when it is clearly good for them?  
dispute   to say something isn’t true  
Can you see through/calar a liar when they dispute having done something?  
dread   to fear doing or experiencing  
Why do many people dread being under supervision at work?    
endure   to go through  
How long would you be able to last if you had to endure working nonstop for 12 hours in your job?    
enjoy   to have a good time doing  
What kinds of things do you enjoy doing?    
escape   to get away from   How would you deal with a colleague who tries to escape doing their part of the work?    
evade   to avoid  
What kinds of people you evade talking to at parties?  
fancy/feel like   to like very much  
What do you fancy doing after class? What do you feel like having for dinner today?    
fear   to be afraid of  
How would you help a person who feared flyin in planes?    
feign   to pretend to do  
How would you deal with a colleague who feigned not knowing how to do something to get out of having to do it?  
finish   to stop doing  
When was the last time you finished watching a movie and decided to watch another one?    
forgive   to not be angry at someone anymore  
How easy/hard is it to forgive breaking a promise/your heart?    
keep   to continue doing   Can you keep working/focusing even if there are a lot of distractions?    
mention   to say in passing  
What advice would you give a friend who mentioned thinking about breaking up with their partner?    
mind   to object to  
Do you mind people smoking around you?    
miss   to want something you don’t have  
Who do you miss being with? What do you miss doing?    
necessitate   to require to do  
How long would you last in a job that necessitates working in shifts?    
omit   to leave out, delete  
What would you omit discussing in a conversation with your boss about a pay rise?    
permit   to allow  
Did your parents permit playing loud music in the house?    
picture   to imagine  
Where do you picture retiring to?      
postpone   to put off, delay  
Have you postponed doing anything recently?    
practice   to do over and over again  
Did you ever practice shooting hoops at school?      
recall   to remember  
Do you recall learning the alphabet?      
recollect   to remember  
Do you recollect playing with your friends as a child?    
recommend   to tell someone they should do something  
If the doctor recommended doing more exercise, would your routine let you do it?    
report   to tell about  
If your child reported being bullied at school, what would you do?    
resent   to not like that something that someone does  
If your child/employee resented working hard, what would you do?  
resist   to try to avoid doing  
How long could you resist eating your favourite food?    
resume   to start doing again  
If you stopped for a rest while you were working on an important project, after how long of a rest would you resume working?    
risk   to take a chance on  
Did you ever risk making your parents angry to get/do what you wanted?
shirk   to not do something you should do    
Why do some former husbands shirk from paying alimony?  
shun   to avoid contact with  
How can you teach kids to not shun being with less communicative kids?
suggest   to say someone should do something  
Which exercises would you suggest doing to lose weight really quickly?
support   to help someone with words, thoughts or money  
Would you support your president’s going for another term in the office?    
understand   to comprehend  
Do you understand investing in the stock market?    
urge   to suggest strongly  
If I urged spending more time with your family, would your routine allow it?    
warrant   to provide the reasons for doing  
Does your routine warrant slowing down a bit?  
Verbs Followed by the Infinitive
agree   to say you will do  
Would you ever agree to do some volunteer work?  
appear   to seem to be  
If your employees appeared to be tired, what would you do for them?  
arrange   to put something in order/to organise something  
Have you arranged to meet anyone this weekend? How do you arrange to have your files on your desktop?    
ask   to inquire/to request  
Who would you ask to help you if you had financial problems? …..    
attempt   to try   Have you ever attempted to fight your fears?    
beg   to urgently ask for  
How do you treat those who beg to be given some money in the streets?
can/can’t afford   to permit yourself to do  
What can’t you afford to do anymore for the sake of your health/routine/family/work?      
can/can’t wait   to allow time for: can wait not have patience for: can’t wait  
Who can’t you wait to see because you haven’t seen them for ages? What can’t you wait to do because you have been planning to do it for a long time?    
care   to have interest in  
Would you care to comment on the current state of your society?    
chance   take a risk and do  
Would you ever chance to give Indian food a taste?      
choose   to make a choice  
Where would you choose to visit if you had all the money in the world and two weeks?    
claim   to say is true  
How do you feel about people claiming to have seen UFO’s?    
come   to arrive at  
Who do you want to come to visit you?      
consent   to agree to  
At what age would you consent to let your kids travel alone?    
dare   to risk doing  
Have you ever dared to face your fears?    
decide   to make a decision  
Where would you decide to send your kids to university?    
demand   to insist forcefully  
How does the staff at hospitals react to someone who is demanding to receive help straightaway?    
deserve   to merit  
Do you deserve to have a rest?      
determine   to come to the conclusion  
What have you determined to do by the end of this year?  
elect   to choose   Did you ever elect to stay at home instead of going on holiday with your family?    
endeavor   to try/to make an effort to do something  
Which companies endeavour to provide the best possible service?    
expect   to feel something should happen  
When do you expect to retire?      
fail   to not succeed  
If you fail to do something the first time around, would you try again until you succeeded?  
get   to receive  
When was the last time you got to take part in your favourite activity?  
guarantee   to say will happen  
Are you guaranteed to pass if you sat an English exam?  
hesitate   to not be sure about  
Would you hesitate to say yes, if you were offered a job today?      
hope   to want to happen  
Who do you hope to see soon? What do you hope to do soon?      
hurry   to go to quickly  
What are the pros and cons of hurrying to finish your work?      
incline   to tend towards  
What are you inclined to do in your free time?      
learn   to study and memorize.  
What would you like to learn to do which will help you professionally?  
manage   to do with difficulty  
If you didn’t manage to finish a project on time, who could help you out?
mean   to intend  
Has anyone ever meant to help you but instead made things worse for you?      
need   to have to have/do  
Do you need to think about your future more?    
neglect   to not do something you should do  
Why do some civil servants neglect to give people all the information?  
offer   to say you will do, give, provide  
Do you normally offer to help your classmates/workmates?    
pay   to spend money on  
When was the last time you paid to have something done at home?    
plan   to think about the future  
Where do you plan to visit next?  
prepare   to get ready for  
Are you prepared to face personal and professional challenges?    
pretend   to act as if  
Why do kids pretend to be superheroes?    
profess   to believe  
What would you say to someone who professes to have seen ghosts?    
promise   to say you will do  
What do you think about all those politicians who promise to resolve the problems faced by their constituents at the time of the elections?    
refuse   to say you will not do  
What kinds of jobs would you refuse to do?      
remain   to stay  
What is the longest amount of time you have remained to finish your work?    
request   to ask for  
Who would you request to speak to in a restaurant if you had a complaint to make?    
resolve   to decide to do  
What have you resolved to change about yourself?  
say   to tell someone  
How would you respond if your boss said something bad to you about your work?    
seek   to look for  
What kind of work did your parents want you to seek to do?      
seem   to appear  
What kinds of jobs seem to be easy but aren’t?    
shudder   to physically react to something you do not like  
Do you shudder to think about all the problems in the world?    
strive   to try hard to do  
Would you strive to meet all the demands of your bosses at work?  
struggle   to work hard to do  
What do you really struggle to understand in your English language learning?    
swear   to promise to do  
Have you ever sworn to stop doing something and actually accomplished it?    
tend   to usually do  
How would you deal with students/employees who tend to waste a lot of time?    
threaten   to say you will do a bad thing to someone  
What kind of employee would you threaten to fire?    
volunteer   to say you will help  
When was the first time you volunteered to help with the cooking at home?    
wait   to let time pass  
What is the longest you have waited to see the doctor?    
want   to desire  
What kind of people do you want to help in the world?    
wish   to want to do  
Who do you wish to accompany you on your next trip abroad?  
would like   to want  
What would you like to have for dinner this evening?    
yearn   to desire very strongly  
Who are you yearning to see? Where are you yearning to visit?  

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