Similes: you are drawing a comparison with as ………… as ……………

Metaphors: you are calling something another thing to draw the comparison using the verb TO BE:   He was a lion on the battlefield


Who/What/Where/When would you describe as ………………………….. ? Is it a good or a bad thing?  Justify your answer by giving examples/pros and cons etc…


~ As quiet as a mouse

~ As quick as a flash

~ As white as a sheet

~ As brown as a berry

~ As red as a beetroot

~ As black as night

~ As black as coal

~ As sick as a dog

~ As sick as a parrot

~ To sleep like a log

~ As blind as a bat

~ As alike as two peas in a pod

~ As big as an elephant

~ As bright as a button (stupid/unintelligent)

~ As brave as a lion

~ As bold as brass (brave)

~ As busy as a bee

~ As clean as a whistle (a clean record)

~ As clear as crystal

~ As clear as a bell

~ As cold as ice

~ As common as dirt (cheap and common)

~ As blue as the deepest ocean

~ As stubborn as a mule

~ As soft as silk

~ As cool as a cucumber (very composed/in control)

~ As cunning as a fox

~ As dead as the dodo

~ As dead as a doornail

~ As deaf as a post

~ As different as chalk from cheese

~ As dry as a bone ~ As dry as dust

~ As drunk as a lord

~ As dull as dishwater

~ As easy as A.B.C.

~ As easy as apple-pie

~ As flat as a pancake

~ As fresh as a daisy

~ As free as a bird

~ As gentle as a lamb

~ As hot as hell

~ As hungry as a wolf

~ As light as a feather

~ As innocent as a lamb

~ As mad as a hatter

~ As mad as a hornet

~ As pale as death

~ As obstinate as a mule

~ As old as the hills

~ As proud as a peacock

~ As poor as a church mouse

~ As quick as a wink

~ As plain as day

~ As sharp as a razor

~ As silent as the dead

~ As slippery as an eel

~ As slow as a snail

~ As sour as vinegar

~ As stiff as a board

~ As steady as a rock

~ As straight as an arrow

~ As strong as an ox

~ As sturdy as an oak

~ As thin as a rake

~ As timid as a rabbit

~ As sure as death and taxes

~ As tough as old boots

~ As wise as an owl

~ To drink like a fish

~ As white as snow

~ To have a memory like a sieve

~ To have eyes like a hawk

~ To work like a dream (function very well)

~ As cute as a bug’s ear

~ As clear as mud (not very clear)

~ As fit as a fiddle (very fit)

~ As playful as a kitten

~ As loose as a goose

~ As nutty as a fruitcake

~ As hard as nails

~ As hot as blue blazes

~ As silent as the grave

~ As smooth as glass

~ As thorny as a rose bush

~ As smooth as a baby’s bottom

~ As tight as a drum

~ As bright as the moon


~ A laugh in a sea of sadness

~ He has a voice of a crow (a horrible voice)

~ He has a voice of a wolf (loud)

~ He has the heart of a lion (brave)

~ He is the sun of my sky? He is the apple of my eye (very important to me)

~ He swam in the sea of diamonds (very rich)

~ He tried to help but his legs were rubber (unsteady on his feet)

~ Her hair was bone white (very white)

~ Her lips were butterflies (quivering)

~ Her positive attitude is a lighthouse for the hopeful (motivation)

~ His belt was a snake curling around his waist (wrapping around)

~ His plans were rock solid and so were his aims (consistent)

~ Ideas are wings (they can make you succeed)

~ It’s raining men (demand and supply)

~ Life is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day (life is very short)

~ Light of their life (very important)

~ Love is fire (powerful motivations)

~ She is a dog when she eats (bad table manners)

~ Spiritual seeking is treasure hunting (valuable)

~ Thoughts are a storm, unexpected (brainstorming)

~ Truth is food for him (something essential)

~ You are the light in my life (very important)

~ They were eaten up with hatred (consumed by)

~ Mistrust had poisoned their relationship (affected badly)

~ I’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place (two difficult situations)

~ The weeks crawled by until we could meet again (time goes very slowly)

~ Anger bottled up inside her (building up/accumulating)

~ His words were cotton candy (sweet words)

~ He was a lion on the battlefield (brave)

~ The computers at school are old dinosaurs (out of date)

~ The ballerina was a swan, gliding across the stage (elegant)

~ The stars are sparkling diamonds (bright and precious)

~ My big brother is a couch potato (lazy)

~ They had entered their autumn years (old age)

~ Her tears were a river flowing down her cheeks (crying a lot)

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