Silent Letters
Silent A

They are artistically, musically, romantically and logically sound.  
Silent B
climb, crumbs, debt, doubt, numb, subtle, thumb, tomb, womb, bomb, comb  

The doubt about the debt is not subtle, but the subtleties of life are much more subtle. The baby came out of the womb with a comb and a bomb in his hands and went off to raid a tomb. The plumber’s limbs and thumbs are numb because of climbing and playing with lambs.  
Silent C
acquire, muscle, scissors

She has acquired some muscle and scissors scientifically.  
Silent D Wednesday, sandwich, handsome, edge, bridge

Last Wednesday, she had a sandwich with a handsome boy sitting on the edge of Cambridge Bridge.  
Silent E
hate, name, like, breathe  
Silent F
(no words)  
Silent G
sign, gnaw, high, light, reign, though, through

The gnat gnawed and gnarled at thorough thought which goes high and through what is taught in foreign signs that feign to reign supreme.  
Silent H
honest, ghost, heir, hour, what, whether, honour

The honest ghost is the heir to the honour at this hour whether we are overwhelmed or not.  
Silent I
Silent J
(no words)  
Silent K
knead, knife, knight, knock, knot, know

We need to knead it not to tie it in a knot knowing that tonight the knight with the knowledge of the knife has knocked his knees.  
Silent L
would, should, could, calf, half, salmon, calm, palm, psalm, talk, yolk, folk, walk, chalk, stalk

I would but should I even if I could eat half of a calf with some salmon calmly under a palm tree talking to the folk about the jokes about the broken yolk walking up the stalk marking everything with a chalk.  
Silent M
Silent N
autumn, column, condemn, damn, hymn, solemn

To damn is to condemn her in the autumn to the solemn hymns tied to a column.  
Silent O
Silent P
corps, coup, pneumonia, psychology, receipt  

The colonel with pneumonia and the corps cooked up a coup de tat using a psychology book and the receipt from the last war.  
Silent Q
(no words)  
Silent R
(no words in American English. However, British English has some silent Rs)  
Silent S
aisle, island, debris, bourgeois

Plenty of debris on the island was seen by the bourgeois from the aisle of the plane.  
Silent T
asthma, ballet, castle, gourmet, listen, rapport, ricochet, soften

The asthmatic ballet dancer was invited to the castle but went to the chalet with a bouquet for the buffet and had to listen to the softened tones of those who had rapport appreciating the gourmet.  
Silent U
colleague, guess, guard, guide, guilt, guitar, tongue  

My colleague asked me to guess quietly without using my tongue which guard was guilty of playing the guitar without my guidance.
Silent V
(no words)  
Silent W
answer, sword, two, whole, wrist, write, who  

Whoever can rotate their two wrists holding a sword in one hand and a pen in the other has to write two whole chapters.
Silent X
faux pas  

Faux pas is a word of French origin. It means a “social mistake” or “inconsiderate action in a social situation.” Example: “Not inviting his mother-in-law to the party was a serious faux pas.”  
Silent Y
(No words)
Silent Z

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