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1: What are the benefits of offering a
prompt service to your clients?

you offer a prompt service to your clients, they could recommend your service
to other people.

2: How do clubs behave towards their
members when their membership expires?

members´ membership expires, clubs usually
contact with them to renovate renew their

3: What benefits would you offer a
long-standing member of a gym you owned?

In the Gym I own, I would offers a reduction in their fee to a long-standing members reduction in their subscriptions.

4: What do they do in vintage car clubs?

vintage car clubs, they are frequently doing
have exhibitions of their cars.

5: What kind of stuff would you like to
spend most of your lifetime working on/with?

would like to spend most of my lifetime working on doing a job which makes
me happy and brings gives me free time to enjoy myself
with my family or my hobbies.

6: What type of cars were built in the
decade following the First World War?

The cars manufacturers were started mass
manufacturing and started being available to more people than last a decade ago.

7: Would you like to be a permanent
member of a vintage club or any other?

I would like to be a permanent member of my actual current sports club,
because I have a good relationship with their

8: What would it be like to spend a
period as the Chairman of an organisation?

I would be like an important
person in an organisation but I think is it would
be stressful stressing.

9: Have you ever received a rather
abrupt email from someone which brought you bad news?

Yeah, in on an
occasion, I received an abrupt email from a car concessionaire saying I didn´t collect
formalities to bought their car. ?????????????

10: Should you still allow members to
take part in activities if their membership had elapsed
for three months?

If your membership had elapsed for three months you
shouldn´t still be taking part in the activities of the organisation.

11: How would you organise an annual
dinner for a club you ran?

would organise an annual dinner for a club I ran, trying to get bring together with all the members and making
doing some activity activities what that we

12: If you applied for a job in a
vintage car club and received a subsequent email offering you
the post as an event organiser, how would you go about arranging
things for your first show?

would try to make do the best things with
the resources and budget, offering them the show they want it.

13: Should your change from being a
member to a non-member be instantaneous if you miss a
couple of payments?

If the organisation advice warns you of your unpayment
non payment you should be changed from being a member to a non-member.

14: What kind of people would be your
contemporaries in a vintage car club?

who like vintage car clubs would be my


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