Phrasal verbs in Questions

Phrasal verbs in Questions

What´s the longest you have been away from your house?

Are any of your relatives away? When are they back?

When was the last time you came down with the flu?

Which clothing designs are in at the moment?

What do you say before you leave? (use Be off)

Is your teacher off often?

Which foods go off quickly?

Are your parents in or out at the moment?

Which clothing designs are out?

Is there anything you like on at the moment? (TV)

What are you guys most out of in your fridge?

When is this academic year over? How are you going to feel when it is over?

If you are through with someone, what should you do?

What time are you up at the weekends?

If you see some people up to something in your neighborhood, what should you do?

Is it up to you to choose your degree?

Have you ever been in a car which broke down? What would you do in this situation?

What should you do if someone breaks down in front of you?

Have you ever seen a fire break out?

What was the last epidemic to break out?

If you were wrongly convicted and imprisoned, would you try to break out?

What do you think is worse; robbing people or breaking into their houses?

When do you break up for Easter break?

What are some of the most common reasons that couples break up?

What do you think of Demolition therapy where you smash things to pieces to relieve yourself of stress?

You are coming to Bilbao with your family. What will you bring along?

You are going to France. What will you bring back from there?

Talk about someone you look up to.

Do you like looking through the paper in the morning?

How often do you look up a word in a dictionary?

Do you think we should look after our parents when they get old and sick?

How often do you look up information on the internet?

Nowadays we can see lots of grandparents looking after their grandchildren. What do you think about it?

Can you remember the last time you looked for something you had lost and couldn’t find it?

What advice would you give to someone trying to get through a heartbreak?

Have you ever helped anybody get through a difficult situation?

Think about your childhood, can you remember anything you did that you knew was wrong and managed to get away with it?

Have you ever cheated in an exam and managed to get away with it?

Do you find it difficult to get over disappointing relationships?

Finish the sentence: I always try to get out of… ( housework, duties, …)

Who, in your family, do you get on best with?

Is there anybody among your group of friends you don’t get on well with?

When do families in your country usually get together?

How often do you and your friends get together?

Is there anything you keep putting off because you don’t know how to go about it? (Tools online, projects, a gadget you have recently bought…etc)

I can’t stand people who go on and on about their work. What about you?

Is there anything you can’t go without? Why?

Thinking about TV programmes, is there any you have gone off? Why?

Can you remember something you didn’t want to do but finally went along with and turned out to be a great idea?

What’s going on in Spain nowadays?

What do you need to bear in mind when …? buying a second-hand car? setting up your own business? writing a composition?

Are you an indecisive person ? Do you often change your mind? Do you change your mind about trivial things or about more serious ones? When was the last time you changed your mind about something?

Are you planning your next holidays? What sort of holidays do you have in mind?

Do you find it easy to make up your mind when you are buying clothes/when the option is telling a lie or telling the truth?

Talk about the last time your mind went blank. Where were you? What were you doing? What happened?

Talk about a time: you went out of your mind with grief/you wanted something so much/you just went out of your mind and paid a fortune for it/you were bored out of your mind

Finish the sentence: It seemed impossible at first but I set my mind on …. and

Where do you go and what do you do to take your mind off your problems?

Tell the people in your group about a time your company tried something out that didn’t work. What happened?  Why didn’t it work?

What things do you shop around for? Do you usually shop around for the things you buy?

Who do you count on most at work? How would you describe this person? How does he/she help you at work?

Is there anything your company is trying to cut back on right now? What is it? Is there anything you are trying to cut back on right now?

Have you ever had to do something over because you did it incorrectly the first time? What was it?

Tell your group about a time you had to give in to someone’s demands or requests. Why did you give in?

What things do you normally go over with your boss? How often do you go over these things?

When is your next vacation? Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? Are you looking forward to it? Is there anything else that you are looking forward to right now?

Do you procrastinate a lot? What type of things do you put off doing? What do you put these things off?

Have you ever ordered something online that you had to send back? What was wrong with the product?

Have you ever turned down a job offer or a promotion? What was it? Why did you turn it down?

Have you ever used up your vacation days very early in the year? Why? Do you usually use up your vacation days right away, or do you save them? Why?

Who do you look up to at work? How would you describe this person/these people? Do people look up to you at work?  Why or why not?

What is something you have tlook out for at work? Tell your group about it.

Tell your group about a time someone let you down (either professionally or personally). What happened? Tell your group about a time you let someone down. What happened?

Have you ever found out something surprising about a coworker? What was it? What are people surprised to find out about you?

How do you help out your friends and family?

What time do you usually get up? Do you wish you could get up earlier or later?

Have you ever been picked up by a crazy taxi driver?

Can you set up a computer?

Do you talk your friends into doing bad things?

Is there anything you turned down but now regret it?

What is the best or worst thing your friends talked you into?

What do you leave out when you talk to your parents about your life?

How often do you borrow money? Do you always pay it back?

Have any of your friends borrowed money and not paid you back?

How often do you get together with your high school or elementary school friends?

Have you ever blown anything up? What was it and how did it happen?

Have you ever had to take care of someone or something (sibling, pet, babysitting, etc.)? Did you enjoy it?

What is your favorite place to eat out at?

Do you know anyone who dropped out of high school or university?

Is there anyone you don’t get along with? Who and why?

How do you pick out the clothes you are going to buy?  How about the clothes you are going to wear for the day?

Is there anything you need to cut down on?

What is something that you always put off until another day?

Have you ever run into a celebrity?

When do you usually wake up?  When would you prefer to wake up?

If you could do something over in your life, what would you do over?

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