Let´s take the bull by the horns and tame the beast: Phrasal verbs are not to be feared or avoided!

We can use questions like these in class to learn and practise phrasal verbs.


What time do they open up your local newsagents?

Do you know anyone who has had their house broken into?

Do you always switch everything off before leaving your house?

Why would someone’s electricity connection be cut off?

Who would you send for if you had a leak in your house?

What is the first thing you are going to do when you arrive at home today?

How important is writing down new vocabulary?

Do you sweep up in your house or use the vacuum cleaner?

How good are you at carrying out instructions in instruction manuals?

Have you ever seen anyone being beaten up?

Would you ask a door to door salesperson in?

Where is your best place to stretch out in your house?

When and where do you go to soak up the sun?

Do you have a clumsy friend who is always knocking over stuff?

When is the best time to snap up really good bargains during the year?

What is the best way to talk someone into doing something?

How come people can drink up so much beer but can’t drink up as much milk or other liquids?

How long before class ends should nursery teachers ask the children to put away their things?

What do you throw on to go out if you don’t have too much time to get ready?

Why should people save up?

At what age did you find out about death?

Why is it important to think things over before carrying them out?

When was the last time you slept on a decision?

Talk about a person who keeps on putting off their responsibilities.

Talk about a useless law/policy you would be to do away with.

Why is it important to have someone knowledgeable look over our work before we hand it in?

How do people while away the time at the airports between flights?

Tell us about a restaurant you have recently tried out.

What’s the most you would pay for a mobile phone?

Do you wrap up your gifts?

What time did you head for this place?

What’s the best way of giving up smoking?

Why do people get behind with their work?

Why do people drop out of university?

Is it easy to go over to another faculty at university?

Which activities are people taking up these days?

What’s the best way parents can get through to their kids?

What do you put down your success to?

How could we win people over?

What are the best ways of putting tragedies behind us?

Have you ever run into someone on holiday?

What are the problems that people face when starting up a company?

Whose advice do you always act on?

What do you have to take into account when putting in for a job?

What do you have to fall back on if you lose your job/you can’t finish your education?

What are the most common reasons for businesses shutting down?

Can you bank on your best friend’s support no matter what?

Why are senior employees passed over in family run businesses?

Have you ever had to pin someone down just to get a definitive answer?

Would you take on a woman who you knew was planning to have a baby in the near future?

After an interruption in a conversation, is it easy to pick up the conversation from where you left it off?

Have you ever seen a bird of prey carry a land animal off?

Do you have your house tidied up?

What do you think of people who can’t settle for being the second best?

What is your take on people who are always waiting to pounce on other people’s mistakes/weaknesses?

Do you need to catch up with anyone these days?

What’s the difference between having your finger cut or having it cut off?

If I say to you “Let’s make for the nearest tube station,” what am I suggesting?

What do you make of the chopping down of the rainforest?

[1:45 PM, 3/4/2019] Kam Skills: Have you given up any bad habits?

Could you live on vegetables only?

What time do you start to work up an appetite after breakfast?

Did you ever try to get out of going to school?

Do you have any important meetings set up?

How easy/hard do you find it to stick to your plans in life?

Could you do without your mobile phone for a month?

Do you need to clear out anything at home to make room?

Where do you store up your stuff?

Do you keep off the grass in the city?

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