Language Exchanges in Bilbao: Missed opportunities to improve your speaking skills!

English is not only for the classroom. You need to take it outside with. If you don´t it will get stale which is the last thing we want after making so much effort over the years.

There are plenty of language exchange events in Bilbao where people who have a conversation level meet to speak English in an informal setting over a drink or two.

Bilbao is becoming more and more International, so it´s only natural that you will find plenty of opportunities to speak the most commonly used International language.

I would recommend my students to use these opportunities to complement what they are doing in the classroom. You should go to these places with an objective for which you will try to use specific type of language during the exchange as well as working on your fluency getting to know other people.

You can go to an Irish bar in EL Particular de Straunza on Wednesdays and Vincci Hotel (overlooking the Ria) on Fridays. It´s a perfect way to unwind and let your English flow. You can look these up on Facebook and Meetup websites.

We should not aim for perfection; just trying to do our best should be rewarding enough. We need to go back to the attitude we once had as kids when we celebrated every little success. This is exactly what´s often lacking in our approach to language learning as adults. Let´s not worry about making mistakes. Let´s just drown out the mistakes in an ocean full of content. Produce, produce and produce! That should be our motto when it comes to forming an opinion about the progress in our language learning.

I hope that you take advantage of all these opportunities.

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