Essay: How to help our environment B1/B2

How to help our environment


Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common in our society to recycle. The Young people at school, or maybe at collage, could learn about this type of action for to save our planet. This is because we must be aware that the maintenance of our world depends on us.

Currently, childrens have some differents activities in the school directed related to learning how they can help our environment and why they must do it; not only at the school, but also at home. For example, they learn how to divide separate the garbage, the differents different containers and how to reuse the paper. And in the case of Young people, the collage Colleges has have some recycling associations in which they offer talks about the subject.

Also, The young people can contribute to help the environment, in other ways like going cycling to the collage college or going walking at to work on foot instead of take taking the car, because it is one of the most worst ways to contaminate our planet.

In my opinion, all of us, not only Young people, we need to do more for to help our environment. we We could reuse plastic our plastic bottles or maybe we can do organize meetings to make people aware of it.



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