Esaay: Team Work: B1/B2



Nowadays, schools and colleges have changed their methods of education and try to promote new types of work. This type of work is teamwork.

First of all, I think that It’s better to work with a partner because two people think more than one and maybe you don´t know how to do something and the other person knows. At school, it  is different than in college because in school you don’t have big responsibilities and in college you must do everything in the right way because your note is marks are very important for your future.

However, I think that it’s more important to have a partner in a sport activity for example playing football or playing basketball. Your win depends on the team not only in on yourself. Also, in this these type of activities you have to trust in your team, and try to do your best.

Sometimes, working with a partner it’s is difficult because maybe he or she don’t doesn´t work as you do …, but  almost always doing things with a partner gives to you good things, and good friends because you get to know new people.



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