End of Year Reflections!

The current year is coming to an end, and it’s time to review how it went.

Self-reflection is vital if you want to live your life exercising choice. Just as you should review each day, week, and month, at the end of each year, you should set aside a block of time to review the year and reflect on it. This will allow you to do all of the following:

Recognize your accomplishments and appreciate yourself for what you did well.
Reflect on the lessons you learned, as well as the knowledge and skills you acquired.
Acknowledge your mistakes and miscalculations, so you can use them as a self-improvement tool.
Analyze how you could do better moving forward.
Figure out what gives you joy and what you’re truly passionate about.
One of the best ways to review your year is by asking yourself questions. Below you’ll find a set of year-end reflection questions that will help you to review how your year went.

Sit down at your computer, or take out a notebook and a pen, and fill out the answers for the following end of year reflection questions:

  1. The most important goal that I achieved this year was:
  2. My biggest fitness accomplishment was:
  3. My biggest career accomplishment was:
  4. My biggest relationship accomplishment was:
  5. These are the skills I acquired this year:
  6. A big mistake that I made this year—and the lesson that I learned as a result—was:
  7. An obstacle or a challenge that I overcame this year:
  8. This year, I learned the following about myself:
  9. Here’s something I learned about other people:
  10. This made me laugh the hardest this year:
  11. The most fun I had all year was:
  12. My best memory of the year was:
  13. My biggest regret of the year was:
  14. My biggest disappointment of the year was:
  15. The books I read this year were:
  16. My favorite movie of the year was:
  17. A TV show I really enjoyed watching this year was:
  18. I really enjoyed this live performance (concert, play, musical, or dance performance):
  19. Here’s a song I listened to over and over again this year:
  20. This is something I wish I hadn’t bought this year:
  1. This is the best thing I bought all year:
  2. Someone I really enjoyed spending time with this year was:
  3. I adopted this new positive habit:
  4. I dropped this negative habit:
  5. One time I stood up for myself this year was:
  6. The scariest thing I went through this year was:
  7. A really cool thing I created this year was:
  8. My most common mental state this year was:
  9. Here’s how I grew emotionally this year:
  10. Here’s how I grew spiritually this year:
  11. The best gift I received this year was:
  12. The nicest thing someone did for me this year was:
  13. The nicest thing I did for someone else this year was:
  14. I showed real gumption this year when I:
  15. If I could change one thing about this year it would be:
  16. A new food/dish I tried this year was:
  17. This year my physical health was:
  18. Here’s a new friend I made this year:
  19. This year I traveled to:
  20. Here’s one adventure I had this year:
  21. One contribution I made to my community was:
  22. This year I spent a lot of time here:
  23. This year I broke out of my comfort zone by:
  24. A hobby I loved spending time on this year was:
  25. This year I practiced self-care by:
  26. My biggest time waster this year was:
  27. Here’s a great time-saving hack I learned this year:
  28. What I am most grateful for this year is:
  29. Here are three words that would sum up this year:
  30. If I could travel back to the beginning of the year, here’s some advice I would give myself:

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