Hi Jack,


How are you? I’m so excited for about you coming. I think that maybe do you would like to know some important things about my area and what could you visit.


First of all, you might visit the center of the city, you could go to Moyua, Gran vía, the side of the river and the differents bridges that there are. Also, you could visit the football stadium, San Mamés, and i recommend you if you can to go to the old area part of the city and eating there because there are a lot of typical traditional restaurants. And don’t forget to visit de the Guggenheim museum.


Other Another day you could go to the coast; near Bilbao, we have some beaches like Sopelana, Barrika, Gorliz, and I think that it’s a good idea to spend the day there.

It’s important to know that in Bilbao you could move around in public transport like the metro, tranvía tramway or bus. If you like to go to the coast, you should take the metro that it’s which is cheeper cheaper, but, in the center of the city, you could walk.


I hope to have been helpful, and call me when you are here.


Marina Zarza


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