Don´t stress out: Put the stress where it belongs!

If you put the stress on different words, you get a different meaning each time. Try saying the sentence below putting the stress on a different word.

I didn’t say she liked him. I didn’t say she liked him. I didn’t say she liked him. I didn’t say she liked him. I didn’t say she liked him. I didn’t say she liked him.

Please, read a different sentence below, first with no emotion or expression, and then again with emotion and proper tempo. Please, take notice of the difference in meaning and interest.

“I bought a lottery ticket, and I think I just won a million dollars!”

“I just live to dance, but most people think I’m not very good at it.”

“You put your left foot in, and you shake it all about.”

“I thought the store was this way, or was it that way?”

“First, he pulled my hair, and then he stepped on my foot!”

“Excuse me, don’t I know you?”

The words you use only have a 7% impact on your communication. • The tone of your voice (inflection) amounts to another 38%. • Your non-verbal body language makes up a whopping 55% impact on the message you are trying to communicate. • 3 V’s – Visual, Vocal and Verbal Powerful nonverbal communication skills include…. POSTURE, GESTURES, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Match body language with words to be convincing …

Please, read the sentences below with the proper expression based on what the words mean. Then, please, read them again with the emotion/expression noted on the right using body language that is convincing for the emotion. Which is more convincing, the words or the body?

“I’m not mad.” Anger

“This is a lot of fun!” Boredom

“That was brilliant!” Sarcasm

“What’s your sign?” Flirtatious

“No problem, I can wait all day.” Annoyed

Overacting can be a great way of reading with expression.

Please, focus your expressions on their body, face, and voice.

“I try to be fashion forward, but I can’t afford the clothes I really want!” (Say the line as if you were a runway model having a tantrum)

“My teacher announced today that my assignments are due, but my dog ate my homework!” (Say the line as if you were a cowboy with a cold)

“I left the house early today, but I still missed the bus.” (Say the line as if you were a hyper exercise instructor)


“I would like to see the view, but I’m afraid of heights!” (Say the line as if you were a nauseous tight-rope walker) 

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