Let’s use Do and Make in a dialogue. I will ask you questions and you can pause the video and answer them by speaking or writing.

We start with a quick revision of the logic used in these collocations.

Do = 1: Housework 2: Work/Study 3: Taking care of your body 4: General good or bad actions  

Make = 1: Food 2: Money 3: Relationships 4: Communication 5: Plans and Progress 6: Manufacture/Build

Common English Collocations with DO

do the housework Who does most of the housework at your home? do the laundry When do you do the laundry?
do the dishes Should you only make dinner if someone does/washes the dishes afterwards if you are living in a shared flat? (you can also say “wash the dishes”)
do the shopping How often do you do the shopping for your house?  

Why is it important to make your bed every day? EXCEPTION: make the bed = putting blankets, sheets, and pillows in the correct place so that the bed looks nice and not messy.
do work Can you go out this weekend or do you have to do some important work?
do homework Why shouldn’t kids be allowed to watch any TV until they’ve done their homework?
do business Is it easy to do business in your country?
do a good/great/terrible job Who in your family would do a really good job if they were given the task to organize a party? (in this expression, “job” doesn’t necessarily refer to work. It simply means the person did something well)
do a report If you had to do a report on climate change, what would be your conclusions? (you can also say “writing a report”)
do a course Are you thinking of doing/taking a course?  (you can also say “taking a course”)
do exercise How often do you do exercise?
do your hair (= style your hair) Do you know anyone who takes so long to do their hair before going out that it annoys you?
do your nails (= paint your nails) What do you think of girls who are always doing their nails in public places?
do anything / something / everything / nothing Are you doing anything special for your birthday?
do well How can we do well in a job interview?
do badly Why do some students do badly at school?
do good Which non-profit organizations have done a lot of good in your community?
do the right thing If you found someone’s wallet on the footpath, would you turn it in to the police because you wanted to do the right thing?
do your best Why should we not worry about getting everything perfect but only about just doing your best in life?  

Common English Collocations with MAKE

make breakfast/lunch/dinner Who makes lunch for you at home? make a sandwich What is the best sandwich you can make?
make a salad Can you tell me how to make a really tasty salad? make a cup of tea How often do you make a cup of tea/coffee for yourself?
make a reservation Why is it a good idea to make a reservation before going out to eat?
make money Do you know anyone who enjoys their job but doesn’t make very much money?
make a profit What is the best way to make a profit in the first year of doing business?
make a fortune Talk about someone who has made a fortune.
make $___ How many Euros would you make if you were to sell the most expensive thing you own?
make friends Is it hard to make friends when you move to a big city? make love (= have sex) How important is making love regularly for couples to keep their relationship healthy?
make a pass at (= flirt with someone) When was the last time you saw someone making a pass at another person?
make fun of someone (= tease / mock someone) Why is it a bad idea to make fun of people?
make up (= resolve a problem in a relationship) How can you get people to make up after a big fight they have had?
make a phone call How many phone calls do you make daily on average?
make a joke Do you know someone who is always making jokes but they aren’t very funny and no one laughs?
make a point What points can you make in favour of not using fossil fuels?
make a bet When was the last time you/someone you know /made a bet?
make a complaint When was the last time you/someone you know/ made a complaint?
make a confession When was the last time you/someone you know/ made a confession?
make a speech Have you ever heard someone make a speech about an issue?
make a suggestion What suggestions can you make to students who want to do well in their English exams?
make a prediction Is it difficult to make predictions about the future of the economy of your country?
make an excuse What do you think of people who are always making excuses for making mistakes?
make a promise How important is it for you to keep a promise if you make it? (you can also say, “I promised to help her whenever she needs it.”)
make a fuss (= demonstrate annoyance) What do you think about someone who is always making a fuss over little things that go wrong?
make an observation Are you good at making observations about people’s personality?
make a comment What kinds of comments should we never make about people in front of them?

EXCEPTION: Don’t say “make a question.” The correct phrase is “ask a question.” What kinds of questions should we never ask people?
make plans Are you making plans to travel anywhere this year? make a decision/choice Do you stick to it when you have made a decision about important matters?
make a mistake How can we learn to make fewer mistakes when speaking English?
make progress How much progress have you made with your English this year?
make an attempt / effort (= try) How would you help someone who was making an effort to stop smoking?
make up your mind (= decide) What can help you make up your mind when you are shopping for a good computer/mobile phone/car? make a discovery What new discoveries have Scientists made recently?
make a list Do you make a list before doing the shopping?
make sure (= confirm) Why is it important to make sure that you are right before giving your opinions?
make a difference How can getting enough rest make a difference in/to your performance at work?
make an exception Why should teachers never make an exception when dealing with their students?
6: Manufacture and Build
make a house How much does it cost to make a house on average? make a road Is the local council making any new roads in your area? make a car How long does it take to make a car on average? Who makes the best cars?
make a product What kinds of products are made in your region? made in …. Why is everything being made in other countries nowadays?
make a ….. Can you make a paper plane?

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