Common Errors 9

Trabajo social  

Social work


Una persona y dos personas  

One person and two people


At vs. in  

At the end of this article: time and place

In the end: finalmente(process)



A clean slate: a clean record


El inicio  



Silent B  

Debt and doubt


De parte de alguien  

On  behalf of somebody



A program shown on TV

A program broadcast on TV


Historia vs. cuento  

History vs. Story





The pronunciation of ui  

Have you ever spilt fruit juice on your suit?


Pronouncing the last e of borrowed words from  French  

Trapeze, cliché, recipe: e is pronounced



Todo el rato vs. cada vez  

All the time vs. Every time


You never can relax  

You can never relax under close supervision.


Adverb go in the middle of compound verbs


Becas vs. ayudas  

Grants vs. Benefits


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