Common Errors 7

Pleasant vs. Grateful Is your work pleasant? agradable

Are you grateful for your work? agradecido

Mas y mas Why is the care the doctors give poorer and poorer as time passes?
Como tel llaman? What do they call you?
See television What series are you watching nowadays?
Preposition at the end Which website can you sign the petition for the remake of the game of thrones on?

Where are you from?

I am agree


I agree. Do you agree? I don´t agree.

I was born …

Cuantas veces

Cuanto tiempo

How many times ..: frequency

How long did it take you: duration

Always using words with Latin roots makes your English. What do we do? Decide: make your mind up

Invent excuses: make up excuses

We should start using synonyms

intentar Try: give it a go/try/shot
Drive a plane Is it easy to pilot/fly a plane?
Exciting vs. Excited Is flying an aircraft exciting?
Different types of planes Cargo planes/passenger planes

What´s the difference?

Look cities Do you like to look at the cities from the sky?
Empatizar Why is it important for doctor´s to empathise with their patients?
Caber/quedar bien Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that didn´t fit you?
Hacer recados


Have you ever taken a day off to run errands/do some paperwork?
Dar una impression buena How can you give a good impression at your interview?
Beneficio en negocio What are the benefits of high profits?
Quedar bien Who are sales jobs most suited to?
seguro Are you sure? opinion

Are you safe? harm

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