Common Errors 5

Problem Solution
Dia libre What do you do on your days off from work?
Dar paseo How often do you go for a walk?
Solia vs. costumbres
limpiar When do you tidy up your bedroom?
Preposition and ing Before starting

After finishing

Without ending

One to the other/uno al otro When you don’t understand each other
Es pronunciation





S, ss, sh, ch, ce, ge, x, ze

Watches, changes, boxes, chances, grazes,

Washes, dresses,

Aprovecharse How do you make use of technology? positive meaning only

How can you make the most of your class? positive meaning only

Do you take advantage of online learning resources? positive meaning

Why should we never take advantage of people weaker than us? negative meaning

laagh What kind of stuff makes you laugh? laaaaaf: gh sounds like an F in the following words:

enough, cough, rough, tough and LAUGH

bachillerato What was your experience like during your baccalaureate?
Grado Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree


Please, compare and contrast the three.

Diary routine/diaria What is your daily routine?
Dynamic (p) How dynamic is your profession?


Used to vs. Would


Solia with action verbs and stative verbs


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