Common Errors 4

Problem Solution
Trust in Why is trust essential?
How many wealth….. How much wealth would be enough for you?

A good GDP is a sign of wealth.

The Spanish GDP is one Billion Euros.

Used to

Be used to

Get used to

Solia: Used to+ inf

Suelo: I usually run/sleep/go/relax


Are you focusing on how often something happened in the past or how comfortable you were doing it?


Do you go to the gym? DO: Sueles




Are you focusing on how often something happened in the past or how comfortable you were doing it?




Be used to+ing

Get used  to+ing


I am used to working long hours. I got used to working long hours when I used to work for Endesa.


Hacerle entener You have to make an effort to get through/across to the child that they have to start working


How can you get through to your kids that getting used to working hard is important in life?

Obligar You have to make them study.

What kind of things did your parents make you do?

Letra Lyrics

Benefits of listening to music with lyrics

Bass vs Base Bass : beis: sound/bass ass: fish

Military base

Eleccion I have no choice

What kind of things do we have no choice with in life?

To not have injuries In order not to have injuries, what should we do when we are doing exercise?

Negative infinitive of purpose


Boxing practice Light sparring
I liked so much going to the cinema. I liked going to the cinema so much.

I liked to go to the cinema so much.


(Full) infinitive: to go

Bare infinitive: go


I can go. I will go. I should go


Is the word order flexible? No

Is the rule strict? Yes




Tener = Be I am trying to be successful

I am trying to succeed

I am trying to success

Be hungry/be thirsty/

  Make an account
False friend Arguments: –

To argue: –

Discussion: +

Redes sociales Social media network
Provocar provoke/Cause arguments
Ya no I don´t have an account anymore: ya no

For now: por ahora

arrepentirse Regret
Familiar Family problems

A familiar area

In the beach At the beach
Tardar/llevar It takes 30 minutes to get to the beach.
Agobiado Do you feel overwhelmed with work?
Salir Go out: local

Go away: far

pesadilla (Have a) Nightmare (about)

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