Common Errors 3

Problem Solution
I deny this offer. Deny: he denied stealing the car. negar

He was denied food for 2 days. privar

Refuse: say you don´t want to do something: negarse a

Reject: rechazar

Decline: rechazar con cortesia

I have love with this. To be in love with s.t

To have love for s.t


The book is worthy. This book is worth it.

This book is worth reading.

Reading this book is worthwhile.

(This book is worthwhile reading.)

It´s worth it to read this book.

This book is worthy of your reading.


Tener mono



I am doing my bachelor at high school. Baccalaureate : bachiller

Bachelor: unmarried person

Bachelor´s degree: carrera

Letters and Sciences Arts and Sciences
Ju are my friend. Juuuuu


Y John vs. Yawn

Y: with your mouth half open

cuchillo razor
GH pronunciation Rough, cough, tough, enough, laugh: f

A laughing fit.





I fancy something: I would really like to do this.

What do you fancy doing after class?

I fancy her: i like her (love)

She didn´t appeal to me.

Why does your hobby appeal to you?


I used to go to the gym every day nowadays. Solia: Used to+ inf

Suelo: I usually run/sleep/go/relax


Do you go to the gym? DO: Sueles




Be used to+ing

Get used  to+ing

oscuro y mas oscuro/negro y mas negro Dark, darker
adecuado Appropriate


If I find a proper job here, ………….

Search something Search for something

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