Common Errors 2

Problem Solution
ee iiiiiii
Commercial centres Shopping centres
Picked up Pickt/ up

Pick /dup






Get injured/hurt

When I was child  

When I was a child.


Fun vs. funny Fun: swimming: divertido

Funny: jokes: gracioso

Top left

Bottom left

On the right

At the top




To desperate


To become/get desperate

Do vs. make


extraescolar extracurricular

Ei teen


teoria Theoretical

Throw to vs. throw at

Shout to vs. shout at


To: friendly

At: aggressive


Comfortable, vegetable, omelette ,


Omitted vowel: the second vowel is omitted

The use of the Gerund


consumismo Consumer trends



Fire/lay off/


The last few people who were fired,

The last few people who were laid off,


Hire: contratar

The youngs  

The rich, the young, the poor, the beautiful, the intelligent

The + adjective: the whole group


The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.



Bien informado



Well informed
The infinitive of purpose I am here to study English.

I am here for an English class.


This laptop is used for learning.





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