Common Errors 15

Problem Solution
daño harm
Infinitive of purpose I am here to study English.

I am here for an English class.


This room is used for learning.



Gracias a Dios Thanks to God

Thank God

Problema principal The main problem
Carry, take and bring Carry: Portar

Take: llevar: there: go

Bring: traer: here: come


Carriage: you get carried in it.

enfermedad Sickness,  Illness, disease, condition
Lose Lose, lost, lost: perder

Loose: suelto/flojo

obligatorio 1: Compulsory

2: Obligatory

In English, mostly the priority of use of words is different from Spanish.

Letras y ciencias Arts and Sciences
  A paradise beach
Would Wa, wei, we, wou, wu
codicia greed
Reject vs. Deny vs. Refuse Reject: It´s rubbish

Deny: negar vs. privar

Deny something vs. Deny someone something

Refuse: decide not to do something: negarse


Feel like: apaterse I didn´t feel like going out
Valer la pena This is worthwhile.

This is worth it.

This is worth doing.

This is worthy of your interest.

Estar loco por algo If you are crazy about video games, it is a bad thing.
B vs. V B: Closed lips

V: top teeth biting on the bottom lip

S vs. Sh S: The tongue is closer to the teeth

Sh: The tongue is pulled away from the teeth to the back

Inversion with negative adverbials Not only ……………..but also

Not only do I want to go home, but I also want to rest a lot.

I have never done this before: normal

Never have I done this before: inversion

Negative adverbials and inversions

Capitulos Episodes: series

Chapter: books

Singular they  
A vs. U Branch: sucursal

Brunch: breakfast+lunch

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