Modal verbs of Deduction!

Watch this video Do these exercises. For the Presents For the past

Prepositions at the end of sentences

Watch this video to see what happens to dependent prepositions in Relative Clauses Do this exercise

Voice Notes: Irene 30 06 2020 (model answer)   Concept   Cooker   Cook   If I would If I will     Change your house  

Voice Notes: Alvaro 30 06 2020           Concept   Much lower   Guilt   Her client   Trial/Court case   Be on trial   Be judged   Find someone guilty  

Voice Notes: Amaia 29 06 2020

29 06 2020 <—– Please, clink on this link to download your written notes.   Concept   Arrive to     Look forward to =

Voice Notes: Laura 25 06 2020

Notes Concept   Calf     Switch   Aha moments   One to one classes   One on one   Methodical   Housework Taking care of your body Work/Study Generally

Idioms in use!

TO PUT YOUR FOOT IN IT  A:           That woman you were talking to just now. She didn’t look very pleased as she walked away. Did you have a disagreement over

Similies and Metaphors

Similes: you are drawing a comparison with as ………… as …………… Metaphors: you are calling something another thing to draw the comparison using the verb TO BE:   He was a

Verb + ing or ing: Conversation

Verbs Followed by the Gerund   Verb/Definition/Question   Abhor/Hate   to hate   What do you abhor having to do at work?     acknowledge   to recognize what someone

Do vs. Make: The Solution!

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DO AND MAKE? Let’s use Do and Make in a dialogue. I will ask you questions and you can pause the video and answer them by speaking or

New Year’s Resolutions!

Lead in (as a group) Are New Year’s Resolutions a part of your tradition? What are the pros and cons? New Year’s Resolution Questions (in pairs) Top Questions What would

A New Year Message!

Go back to the drawing board Ring in the New Year Break new ground Start from scratch Not in a million years Turn over a new leaf Nothing ventured, nothing

Idioms in Questions

Idioms in Questions Do you break even at the end of the month, or are you in the red, or even in the black? Do you like numbers and statistics? Are you