1 The Missing Tickets

44 The Missing Tickets “According to my horoscope in the local paper, I’m going through a very lucky phase,” said Mary, who was a firm believer in astrology, “and, so

2 A Wedding Invitation

43 A Wedding Invitation Val was absolutely delighted to have received an invitation to the wedding of her friend, Kate. As she explained to her boyfriend, Alan, later, Kate’s father

3 A Murder Investigation

42 A Murder Investigation A murder had been committed in the village of Langdon. The corpse had been found by the river in such a battered state that a young

4 A Surprise Goes Wrong

41 A Surprise Goes Wrong Fay’s friends were planning a surprise party for her twentieth birthday. They didn’t think it would be difficult to keep her from finding out as

5 A Visit to the Zoo

40 A Visit to the Zoo A group of children from the local primary school were going to the zoo. Some of the parents had offered to help, and the

6 A Breakdown

39 A Breakdown Gordon and some of his friends were leaving for a holiday in the mountains, now that they had finished college for the summer. Since the weather should

7 Bullying

38 Bullying Tim’s parents were very worried. A few weeks ago, he had had to change schools and he was very unhappy. When he was younger, he had been very

8 Auditions

37 Auditions There was great excitement at Langham College of Drama. A well-known theatrical company had contacted the college and said that they were scouting around for new talent. They

9 Amateur Dramatics

36 Amateur Dramatics The local amateur dramatic society was holding their first meeting of the season after a long summer break. They had selected Harold as their director last season,

10 room-cleaning

29 room-cleaning Patsy used the spare bedroom in her parents’ house as a study, and, by the end of the college term, it was looking very untidy. She decided that

11 Planning a Night Out

28 Planning a Night Out Pam had decided that it would be a good idea to spend a night clubbing before the college term began. With this in mind, she

12 A Health Scare

27 A Health Scare Kim’s father was in hospital. He had gone for a health check-up, and they had kept him in because the doctors wanted to do some more

13 Buying a Car

26 Buying a Car Walter was flicking through some car magazines. “I´m going to buy a car and I’m trying to find a model which I like;” he explained to

14 A Would-be Actor

25 A Would-be Actor Tom was telling his parents how pleased he was by a newspaper review of a play in which he appeared. The play had been a local

15 The Winners

24 The Winners Alex and Julie were preparing to play in the final of the tennis club mixed doubles. For several years in a row, they had won it easily,

16 In Financial Difficulties

23 In Financial Difficulties It was only half-way through the university session, but already Frank’s bank account was overdrawn. He hadn’t realized how bad the situation was, but a letter

17 A Football Camp

22 A Football Camp   A group of boys from various local schools were attending a football camp where they were to have intensive training. They had been told by

18 A Car Accident

21 A Car Accident Polly was wondering where her brother, Simon, was. She and some of her friends had arranged to meet up with him at a country hotel, but

19 A Stress Test

20 A Stress Test A group of people had been herded into a room in a country house. “I can´t think why our manager sent us here,” said Miriam to

20 An Important Invitation

19 An Important Invitation Tess decided to pop into her neighbour’s house for a chat. Her neighbour was called Liz, and she let Tess in as soon as she knocked.

21 The Perfect Cottage

18 The Perfect Cottage Angela and Phil had taken a trip into the country for the day. It was a beautiful day, and they were hoping to find a pub

22 A Skiing Trip

17 A Skiing Trip Fred and his friends were getting rather anxious. It was beginning to look as though they might have to call off their skiing trip, which had

23 A Trip to the Seaside

16 A Trip to the Seaside The children from the local nursery school were going on a trip to the seaside. They were all very excited as they waited for

24 A Dyeing Disaster

15 A Dyeing Disaster Stella had decided that she really didn’t like the colour of her hair, which was mid-brown, and she was planning on dyeing it. She had asked

25 Organising a Fete

14 Organising a Fete   A group of residents had gathered in the village hall to sort out the details of the summer fete. It was only March, but the

26 A Surprising Test

13 A Surprising Test “You´ll never guess what Mr. Fowler has pinned up on the notice-board!” said Joe to Simon in the college canteen; “a notice about a history test

27 A Shopping Trip

12 A Shopping Trip Winnie and Anne were going shopping because Winnie wanted to look for a new dress for the tennis club dance. Her father had driven them to

28 Gardening

11 Gardening Since spring was just beginning,Mike and Linda felt that they should tidy up the garden because they had neglected it during the winter. They wanted to plant some

29 Dieting.

10 Dieting. It was just after Christmas and Jill, realizing that she had put weight on because of all of the treats which she had eaten, decided to go on

30 Burglary

9 Burglary Mr. Wilson was feeling quite cheerful as he went to open up his shop, but that soon changed. As he put his key in the door, he realized

31 Choosing a Present

8 Choosing a Present Vicky was trying to find out what her mother would like as a birthday present. Her mother had replied that she did not know, but that

32 Sunbathing interrupted

7 Sunbathing interrupted Ted went round to Ralph’s house to visit him, and Ralph’s sister asked him in. In fact, Ralph was not in the house but in the garden.

33 Waiting for a job

6 Waiting for a job Jock had run into Pam on the way home from college, and she had told him that Mr. Cook, the father of Ron, a mutual

34 Change of Subject

5 Change of Subject Peter was heading for his tutor’s office. Mrs. Wood was always very understanding, and he wanted some advice on his university career. At the moment, he

35 Childminding

4 Childminding It was Saturday morning and Val had got up late. She was now feeling bored and decided to phone her friend Dee and ask if she wanted to

37: A Street Accident.

2: A Street Accident. A group of students from the drama college were sitting anxiously in the casualty department of the local hospital. Becky, one of their fellow students, had

38: A Missing Passport

1: A Missing Passport Jane could not find her passport. She had gone through all her private papers, but it was not among them. Where could it be? Usually she