1 The Missing Tickets

44 The Missing Tickets “According to my horoscope in the local paper, I’m going through a very lucky phase,” said […]

2 A Wedding Invitation

43 A Wedding Invitation Val was absolutely delighted to have received an invitation to the wedding of her friend, Kate. […]

6 A Breakdown

39 A Breakdown Gordon and some of his friends were leaving for a holiday in the mountains, now that they […]

7 Bullying

38 Bullying Tim’s parents were very worried. A few weeks ago, he had had to change schools and he was […]

8 Auditions

37 Auditions There was great excitement at Langham College of Drama. A well-known theatrical company had contacted the college and […]

9 Amateur Dramatics

36 Amateur Dramatics The local amateur dramatic society was holding their first meeting of the season after a long summer […]

10 room-cleaning

29 room-cleaning Patsy used the spare bedroom in her parents’ house as a study, and, by the end of the […]

12 A Health Scare

27 A Health Scare Kim’s father was in hospital. He had gone for a health check-up, and they had kept […]

13 Buying a Car

26 Buying a Car Walter was flicking through some car magazines. “I´m going to buy a car and I’m trying […]

15 The Winners

24 The Winners Alex and Julie were preparing to play in the final of the tennis club mixed doubles. For […]

17 A Football Camp

22 A Football Camp   A group of boys from various local schools were attending a football camp where they […]

18 A Car Accident

21 A Car Accident Polly was wondering where her brother, Simon, was. She and some of her friends had arranged […]

22 A Skiing Trip

17 A Skiing Trip Fred and his friends were getting rather anxious. It was beginning to look as though they […]

24 A Dyeing Disaster

15 A Dyeing Disaster Stella had decided that she really didn’t like the colour of her hair, which was mid-brown, […]

26 A Surprising Test

13 A Surprising Test “You´ll never guess what Mr. Fowler has pinned up on the notice-board!” said Joe to Simon […]

27 A Shopping Trip

12 A Shopping Trip Winnie and Anne were going shopping because Winnie wanted to look for a new dress for […]

28 Gardening

11 Gardening Since spring was just beginning,Mike and Linda felt that they should tidy up the garden because they had […]

29 Dieting.

10 Dieting. It was just after Christmas and Jill, realizing that she had put weight on because of all of […]

30 Burglary

9 Burglary Mr. Wilson was feeling quite cheerful as he went to open up his shop, but that soon changed. […]

34 Change of Subject

5 Change of Subject Peter was heading for his tutor’s office. Mrs. Wood was always very understanding, and he wanted […]

35 Childminding

4 Childminding It was Saturday morning and Val had got up late. She was now feeling bored and decided to […]