Buying a house Role Play


Your students are going to buy a new home, get them to list off their priorities. For example,

  • It must face South (Why?)
  • It must have a lot of natural light
  • It should have nice views/Nice location
  • It must be near the countryside
  • I prefer a house to a flat (Why?)
  • It must have amenities nearby (parks, mountains, culture centres, sports centres …)
  • I want my privacy
  • I would not live in a tough area (Why not?)
  • My flat has to be in the city centre (Why?)

Please rate the comments above in importance.

Please, debate the needs/priorities of single people as opposed to married couples with children, for example.

Tastes and priorities differ from country to country so the English might emphasise the importance of the house as an investment, while the Spanish could underline the necessity to have a comfortable home with a good kitchen, for example. What do you know about the tastes and priorities in other countries.


Inside the house, the most important thing for me is …



  • A balcony (Why?)
  • Two bathrooms! (If you have sisters …)
  • A big TV
  • An enormous bed
  • A really comfortable sofa
  • Book shelves
  • Big kitchen
  • A fire place (Why?)
  • A big bath
  • Distribution of the house (the lay-out), ie having the bedroom far from the
  • kitchen or living room (Why?)

As always, anything you say must be supported by explanations/elaboration. No short answers. You could also consider the word “facilities” here, keeping in mind that it differs from “amenities”.


Name two or three amenities you consider essential for you. Why?

  • Sports centre
  • Public transport
  • Mountains
  • Open country
  • Shopping centre


Feedback in small groups


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