B2 Report: The Communities


1. A definition of Communitie(the singular is community with a y, and the plural is communities. This is due to the spelling rule that changes the y which is preceded by a consonant to ies.)

A communitie (see the correction above) is a group of people which (people: who not which) have interests, jobs, nationalities or whatever similar thing(a better word is whatsoever) in common. They don´t have close(closed) number. They can be closed because they don´t want to grow or they can be open to meet other people. It is commune (common) to find out(encontrar not descubrir/averiguar; find not find out)comunities in many American villages where the people (no need for the definite article) know each other(one another for more than two people) in the neigh (neighbourhood). In the big cities people from abroad try to meet friends in the communities.

In my opinion(you need a comma after In my opinion) one of the most beautifull(single l in beautiful) kind of communite (see the first paragraph) is that(the instead of that, it represents el in el que) one that helps the poor people in the town. The members of the communitie organize parties, festivals and lunches in order to get money and give (it)
away between(to) people with needs. If I were in a comunitie, I woud (would) be in a comunitie like these (this).
But unfortunally(unfortunately) I can´t get enough free time for doing(to do: infinitive of purpose. We use the infinitive to say why someone does something. We use for + ing to explain the use of objects) it but maybe I could try it.

2. Virtual Communities.

Could the communities have not(no is the correct word here; not is not an adjective) physical localization(location)? Yes they do(Yes, they can: You have to use the mood of the modal verb in the question to answer). The virtual communities only exists(exist without the s because communities is a plural subject)in the web(on the internet. Web is translated as net in English. The best would have been in cyber space because with the internet we have to use On the internet) or in the cloud(use the plural of cloud).Nowadays (use a comma) virtual communities are getting more and more famous around the world because in the rich countries everybody have(has because all indefinite pronouns take a singular verb) internet in their house and also in their mobiles.

When peoplecan´t control their free time because they work hard, they don´t have possibilities to meet people. In the big cities the distances make difficult to have a point with your friends so is easier to talk with them by internet. (the distances make it difficult to meet up with your friends, so it is easier to talk to them on the internet.) If you surf in internet(on the internet)you can find a communitie that join(has) your same interests. Do you like running? If you love it, you can be sure that in internet(on the internet) you will find a communities(choose between the singular and the plural form. You are mixing them both) of runners. For instance in a the (please, choose your article) virtual communities you can search for information, read advices(advice is uncountable)related with(related to) your afficcion (hobby).

3. The problems with communities.

If I had been in a communitie, would I have ….(you are missing the participle from the third conditional. Would I have had) any kind of social problems? Maybe yes, who knows. I like to talk and smile with my friend but sometimes I think that we don´t have similar interests. For instance(you need a comma) I love the beaches and my friends heat(heat means el calor. Do you mean odiar which is hate in English) the sun(you need a comma) so if I found a communitie which
usually go(a community which usually goes for the singular or communities which usually go for the plural) to the beach, I would spend almost all my weekends with it.

This one is only and(an is the article) example that you can live if your real live(life) is not good enough. People with no friends or relatives can spend all their time at a communitie. It is important not to forget who you are and where do(no need for this word here, as you are not asking a question.) you live. You must not try to find out(find not find out) another life in the communities because your life is your friends and your familie(family).

Recommendations: ??????????


I have corrected the obvious errors, but there are ideas that could be said in a better way. You need to do a lot of listening to know how the language is used naturally. You can download some podcasts from itunes to listen to. Use the time you spend between places to improve your listening which will automatically improve your comprehension of the language you are
learning.) So, in a nutshell, hard work is on the cards. Books are not the right idea in this age of technology; I think it´s this audio material that makes the learning fun and easy, that´s if you are patient enough.

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