B2 Informal letter

Hi Peter!

I am so glad for your coming in to Madrid (we use the preposition “to” with the verbs of movement). As you say said in your last email, you hope to arrive here in August. I guess that you are worry worried about the climate in Madrid because you are used to London´s rainy climate. I´ll try to give you some advices about our weather and the kind of clothes that you may need here.

First of all, I might should recognize that I don’t like Madrid weather very much. I was born in the north of Spain, and I miss the climate there. In Bilbao, we have rainy wintersand, usually, it is cold. Summers are too bad sometimes because overcast skies and electric storms are common. To have such a rainy summer is a pity because it is normal not to can go to the beach although you are in July. Comparing to London, Bilbao has a similar climate.

In Madrid, the hardest season is summer. However, people here like it very much. They usually enjoy terraces, where people drink beers, and they don’t mind if it is such a warm day. I can´t seat sit in those terraces although they are situated under trees or in shadow  the shade. Too much hot heat for my me, pal. If I seat sit there, a big headache starts in myself my head. In this season, the best clothes are shorts trousers and t-shirts. Girls usually wear skirts. Even in some work place, people are able to wear sandals. Besides, people from abroad who are not used to warm sunshine, usesun cream in on their faces and harms.

Just we have just finished March, spring comes here. It is the most confortable comfortable season in the year, although it isn’t as beautiful as autumn. Madrid´s spring has not very warm temperature, clear skies (sometimes they there are thick clouds) and light winds. It is the best season to go to the countryside because rives are full of water that comes from snow located in on the top of the mountains. Sometimes, a torrential rains comes and they clean the atmospheric pollution.

Maybe, autumn is the most eyes coughing catching and impressive season. The colours of parks are incredible because it they turns from green to brown. The temperature become hotter, but it isn’t so cold as winter. The sky is normally clear but sometimes, when violent storm appears, it is stormy and deeply dark.

I hope I have helped you with your doubts about the weather in Madrid.








In the present perfect
tense, just is used to show an
action or situation that finished only a short time
before now:

 They’ve just left.
(They left only a short time ago.)

She’s just told
me what you did!
(She told me only a short time ago what you did.)

They’ve just finished.
(They finished only a short time ago.)




to be + ing/ed adjectives




sit/seat lie/lay rise/raise


Exercises: http://uwf.edu/writinglabapp/minilessons/mini-lesson_99x.htm




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