B2 Essay: Careers


What are the best careers to do(we don´t do careers. If you mean carrerra de studios, it means course in English. If you mean carrerra de trabajo, it means profession in English. I don´t know what you are trying to say here) It is not very easy question because choosing your career is one of the most important chooise (choice) that a person can do (we make choices; not do choices) in his (his/her) life.

When you are going to study (study for) a degree you must value (evaluate) many things. For istance (instance), what are you good about (good at)? Obviously it is not good idea (a good idea; it is a single noun modified by an adjective. All singular nouns have to be determined. They need an article or another determiner) to can find a joob (job) as commercial (there are two problems with this error: The first is that commercial is a sales executive in English and the seond is that with professions you always have to use an indefinite article) if you don´t like meeting people. Another example could be to try became (to become or becoming; became is the past of become) enginner (an engineer: with professions you need an indefinite article) if you don´t like maths.

Another question you must have to do (ask: we ask questions, not do) is if you will be able to find work easily with your degree. When I was younger, (a comma separating an adverbial clause of time at the beginning of the sentence) I liked philosophy very much, but unfortunately the only job related to this matter was teaching, (comma and a conjunction are both needed here) and I didnt like teaching!. I finally started studing (studying) biochemistry because I read (about) the rise of (in) the biomedical jobs.

For me, (a comma needed for this adverbial) another question must be if your work will be good for other people, not only for you. People who work helping other people are always happy in their job and they don’t (don´t) mind their labour conditions. They dont (don´t) need to make a lot of money because the dont choosed their job by economical motivations (they don´t choose their jobs because of their economic motivations; economic al means cheap). When we are children, (comma after the adverbial phrases) almost all of our teachers say to us that we must make many (money is uncountable; we have two choices. One is much money and the other is a lot of money. A lot of goes with the countable and the uncountable nouns.) money with our job. The more you ear (earn) in your job, the better it will be. I think so but not complety (completely). The most important thing in your job is if you like it or not, otherwise you will never be happy.

What about career related to healthcare (healthcare), like biomedical enginner (engineering is the career and engineer is the person)? They are very interesting careers which (with) tremendous growth (growth potential). The trend of these kind (kinds: this kind and these kinds) of jobs is to grow up (people grow up but things only grow) very quickly. With the time, more and more people is (are) becoming older and they need more and more carers, medical carers or whatsever (whatever is the correct spelling but it is not an appropriate word here. You could say etc). In my opinion, we life (live) more (longer) and better because (because of) science (scientific) advances. Nowadays, we have more medicines and better hospitals. Our doctors study medicine degree for many years, and all they (all of them) are brilliant (brilliant). The more doctors we have, the more and better we life (live is vivir. Life is vida).

Economy (economicsdegrees are very interesting also. The bad part of studing (studying for) (an) economy (economics) degree is that you will probably work in a bank, and I don´t like them. The idea of talking about money every time (all the time) is the worst idea for me, but I know that money moves the world, (I think you know why the comma goes here) so if I had economy culture (economic knowledge) I would know more things than the news says.


We have to work on our spelling.

The use of the comma is better but still needs to improve.

Economic vs. economical vs. economics

The word DEGREE in English

Grow vs. grow up


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