B2 Essay: A voyager by the ISS

A voyager by the ISS


Last week we spoke about such how interesting the universe is. If we understood how
our galaxy and planet works ,we
would respect our environment much more. Under this point of view, having
knowledge in of cosmology can be used to become make us
better than we usually are. Besides, we introduced how people in the ISS can
get by daily.


Make: convertir

Become: convertirse



The main problem of people who live in the ISS
is the lack of gravity. It is said that astronauts must practice their
movements under water in order to fell feel the difference between
moving with or without gravity. In many sci-fi films we can see astronauts
training in a big swimming pool.


Fall fell fallen caerse


Feel felt felt sentirse feeling


The lack of gravity has another other problems, not only those related to the
movements. Your muscles and bones turn into week muscles and bones. If you
don’t have to overcome your own height, your body will lose its strength.
Nature has and incredible wisdom and he it
regret rejects those things that
it don’t doesn´t need.


Reject: rechazar regret: arrepentirse


Refuse: rehusar reject: rechazar


The words deny,
reject, refuse
 and decline are often confused. Of these, the
words reject, refuse and decline have very similar meanings.
Interestingly, the word accept can be the opposite of all of them. Deny has a different meaning. The
opposite of deny is admit.

To deny is to say that something is
not true. To deny somebody something is to refuse to give it to them. He denied taking the money She denied that she had acted irresponsibly. The
minister denied the allegations. She denied him the right to visit her daughter. She denied me the permission to go. The guards were accused of denying the prisoners food and

To refuse to do something is to say that you
won’t do that. She refused to clean the floors. The child refused to take the
medicine. She refused to pay the dues. When you refuse something you do not accept it. I offered her a drink but she
politely refused it. They refused the invitation.

Reject is quite similar to refuse. To reject a proposal is to refuse
to accept it. The promoters rejected the plan out of hand. The manager rejected my request for more time to finish the
project. If someone rejects you, they show indifference towards you. She was
rejected by her own people.

Reject can also be used as
a noun. The noun reject is used to refer to something or somebody that has not
been accepted. The gown was very cheap because it was a reject.

Decline is relatively
formal. It has more or less the same meaning as refuse. To decline something is
to politely refuse to accept it.

I offered her a job but she declined it. She offered to
bear all the expenses but he politely declined.
Decline can also mean become less or become worse. The quality of life in
many of our cities is declining.
The number of people who buy homes have declined in recent years.






The problem is so big that when astronauts
return to Earth, they must be hospitalized because they can move nothing at
. Moreover, when they exit from the space ship they must be helped
because they can´t be stand up.


And what about meals? One of my favourite films was made
in the sixties. It is called “2001: A Odisey” An
and it has an incredible plot. Apart of from this, it is considered to be one of the best made
Sci-fi films because it is very rigorous. The
Director of the film was advised by many scientists.
In a famous scene, the travellers head for the Mon Moon and, in the middle of the travel, they start
eating. The only things they eat are pastes with different wastes as chicken,
beef, fish or fruits. That is a very realistic
situation because you should eat heavy things if you lived in a space navy. The
reason is simple; just as your muscles, your
stomach become smaller and weaker and it is not able to take in the food that
you usually eat in on Earth, even soups.


On Earth, in the world,
on the planet, in the universe, in the galaxy



Talking about other kinds of things, living in
a spaceship navy might not be easy. Can
you imaging sharing all your things every all
time or sharing a small cabin? Sometimes, when I am in my house I am
looking forward to being alone in
private. In those moments I wonder how they can live in a navy spaceship. If the astronauts want to get on with each
other, they must be incredibly patient and tolerant.



Navy: marina armada


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