B2/C1 Notes 23 12 19

There are people from all over the world: Hay gente de todo el mundo
I listen music by Spotify: I listen to music on Spotify.

I am talking with/by my phone: I am talking on the phone.:

C1 U26 F:

1: Who did you hang around with (pasar l tiempo por alli) the most when you were young?

2: Did you have a classmate who was always messing about/around (estar burlandose) in class?

3: When was the last time you took a few days off (coger dias libres)?

4: Are you good at seeking out new opportunities (buscar y encontrar)?

5: What does your leisure time centre round (alrededor de que se centra)?

6: How much information can an average student take in (absorber) during a lesson?

7: What kinds of pastimes do you go in for (elegir para hacer)?

8: How easy do you pick up (understand) new stuff to do with technology?

In order to (para) vs So that (para que)1: I am here in order to help you.

2: I am here so that you can learn more easily.

How many people do you have in the first example: one or two?

How many people do you have in the second example: one or two?

get rid of: deshacerse con algo: How can you get rid of your common mistakes in English?
I could have done much more: It was possible for me to do much more but I didn’t. It is a regret for me.Could you have studied a bit more at school?
Romper:Break (solid things)

Tear (clothes, muscles, fabric)

Rip (Clothes, muscles, fabric) (with more force than Tear)

Burst (balloons)

I don’t like the flavour, texture and blandness of tripe. Tripe: Callos (food)I got calluses while doing pull ups (dominadas). Calluses (hands)
Everything is one hold: Todo esta paradoHave you put anything on hold due to the holiday season?
Shares (acciones)Which company would you like to buy shares of?

Stock market (la bolsa)

What do you think of investing in the Stock market?

Hire: Contratar (workers, car)What skills get you hired very quickly? How much does it take to hire a car for a day?

Rent (house)

How much can you rent a two bedroom house in your area for?

Scandinavian Countries: Los paises NordicosWhat is the difference between the Scandinavian countries and the other European countries?
Pay back vs Give back: devolverDoes anybody have to pay you back for anything?

Does anybody have to give back anything to you?

: get in contact with someoneHow can you get in contact with your local member of parliament?
My friends that are  new people ……: My friends that are meeting/getting to know new people ………….
Virtual/girl/first (ir ur er or ar) SWIR/PER/TOR/MER/MARY
C1 U26 G

1: Do you have a music collection to keep up (continuar con)?

2: Where would you take out (invitar salir a) the special person in your life?

3: Is there a new trend that people are getting into (empezar de hacer algo como un habito)?

4: What would you do about your teenage child who was always lazing around (hacer el vago) doing nothing?

5: Is there a song that you didn´t like at first but it grew on (empezar de gustar algo poco a poco) you?

6: Why is it important to warm up (calentar) before we exercise?

7: What food have you gone off (desagradar)?

8: What have you put a lot of work into (meter)?

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