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The middle of the week






Countable options: Lot of jobs, tasks, projects, things to do, chores,

Works = Obra (construction and art)

I haven’t studied at all.
P 111
C1 U4 H I
A piece of good news.

A piece of advice.

A piece of furniture.

All the things he told us sounded silly

When they say I am ill, it sounds true.


El dijo (que): He said (that)  me dijo el: He said to me/He told me (to TO or not to TO)

Headache, stomachache, earache, backache, toothache

My eyes hurt.

My eye is hurting (me). My eyes are killing me.

You are in pain. BE IN PAIN

Have aches and pains: agujetas

Mine is stricter than his.
We have to agree on this issue.

I have to agree with him.

I have to agree to do this.

Financial engineering

Loophole (vacio legal)




Trying to do make him play good games.

Make: obligation/request/pay/insist/reward

I will try to make my son do his homework.

Let vs Leave

I let my son play football.

Please, let me do this.

I will let you leave the classroom after you have finished your work.

I will leave you alone to do your work.

To do things half-heartedly vs. Throw your energy into doing something

C1 U4 J


1: Why did it use to be accepted wisdom that higher education provides access to better-paid careers? Is it still true? (Past vs. Present)

2: What are the effects of the world changing, in recent decades, from one where few people had university degrees to one where they are common? (Consequences)

3: Why are a good many underpaid teachers, managers and other professionals considering a career change nowadays? (Cause and Effect; and Options)

4: Would you ever swap the desk for the tool box? (Compare and Contrast)

5: What kind of professions are in demand? (Reasons)

6: Do you know anyone who has made the change from one profession to another one?

(Other people’s experiences/Cause and Effect/Advice)

7: How could you earn a great deal more than you do now? (Options/Advice)

8: What skills do you need to have nowadays to demand high fees? (Advice)

9: What can businesses learn from their customers? (Pros and cons/Possibilities)

10: How would it affect the performance of the workers if they enjoyed considerable independence in place of a controlled working environment? (Compare and Contrast/Preference/Experiences)

11: What would you fall back on if you made a break from your profession to another one and it didn’t work out? (Options/Hypothetically speaking)

12: What kinds of workers are happily accepted again at companies they have left at an earlier date? (Hypothetically speaking)

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