B1/B2 Notes 22 12 19

How long vs How many times

Cuanto tiempo vs Cuantas veces

Went home: alli

Came home: aqui


Come back: aqui/here: bring

Go back: alli/here: take

Establish your location

Where are you now?

Was/were able to/succeeded in/managed to

Lograr en hacer algo concreto en el pasado

Could vs Was/Were able to

9/10: nine out of ten

4/5: four out of five

19/20: nineteen out of twenty



Our ancestors wouldn’t be able to believe all the technological advances around nowadays.
Partner: socio de inversion

Partner: (1)pareja romantic

Couple (2)

Partner (1): pareja para tareas en colegio

Pair (2)

They end up hating each other.

We will all end up wearing glasses.

Eyesight: vision
They give their kids their phone to keep them quiet.
Evidence/proof: pruebas

Tests: Pruebas de examines

Trials: pruebas de seleccion en deporte

Check up: prueba medica

All over the world


Throughout the world



The young

The youth

When I was a youngster

When I was in my youth/When I was a youth

When I was young

Furniture/advice/news: It: A piece of: uncountable in English and contable en Castellano

An observant observer


1: Which new products in the market do you consider revolutionary?

2: What kinds of personalities are impossible for us not to love?

3: What´s more important in a partner: appearance or personality?

4: What are the harms of early introduction to screens?

5: What makes an explanation credible?

6: What kinds of devices are scientifically designed to fit a lot of computing power in your palm?

7: How has the invention of wireless Internet changed the world?

8: How can we encourage youngsters to get into the world of discovery just waiting for them online instead of playing video games?


1: Do you prefer wooden furniture to other types?

2: What skills are needed to make good observations?

3: Talk about a major breakthrough made which has been announced by researchers.

4: What is interesting about training as a psychologist?

5: What is the most important building in your city? Why?

6: Talk about a recent scientific announcement of international importance.

7: Why do some people see introductory offers as being a trap?

8: If there are aliens out there, do you think they are much more technologically advanced than we are?

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