A2 B1 Notes 22 12 19

Que      Question


             Relative pronoun

              el mismo que

What is this?

This is bigger than that.

My brother who/that lives in Alicante……

This is the same as that.

What vs. Which What is your name? Open option

Which is your name on this list? Narrow option

Narrow    wide
Somos tres aqui: hay tres de nosotros aqui

There are three of us in this room

2 of us are here

He’s a baker.
Offert Offer
Gerund as the subject Smoking is bad for you.

Swimming is good for you.

No TO with can, could, would, should, will, would, must, may, might

But Have to and used to

We can to go to Canterbury first and then go to London.

We have to go to ……..



Shall /Should we go to watch a movie tomorrow?

You should go to watch…….

After to the beach

After go to the beach

1: after the beach

2: preposition and ing: after going to the beach

I am interested in studying

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