Go back to the drawing board

Ring in the New Year

Break new ground

Start from scratch

Not in a million years

Turn over a new leaf

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

When one door closes, another one opens.

The beginning of a year is a perfect opportunity to go back to the drawing board in order to fix anything that maybe wrong or off with your plans. It is a useful way to ring in or welcome the New Year if you want break new ground or make new advances in life. Many times, it feels like having to start from scratch or zero once again, but we should remember to try doing things differently if we want different results. Not in a million years or never, is this possible without turning over a new leaf or without making a new start. We will find motivation in two rules of life:

1: When one door closes, another one opens meaning that when one opportunity disappears, another one comes.

2: Nothing ventured, nothing gained which means that progress doesn’t come without a risk.

Set realistic goals

Plan with your abilities in mind

Take risks but calculated ones

Look back only for motivation

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